YC 124 NEWCWC Retrospect

“I offer these three predictions as an Intrig catching glimpses of The Flow.

Capsuleer forces will join the ground conflict in Chosen Systems before it is over.

Intriguerre will turn to playful communion with the dwellers of Anoikis to face Ancient Enemy Azdaja

Warclone fireteams will board derelict stations, Drifter hives, and untouchable titans alike.”

■■■■. Almost two years. ■■■■ ■■■■. So much has happened. Who am I? Where am I? When am I?

Melicien Tetro. Azdaja Clade.


Let’s see.

Skarkon Warclone yadda yadda, check.

Hmm. Number 2? ■■■■ I just moved into a wormhole, and my alliance is named Azdaja Clade. Working as intended? Ugh. We’ll see if we actually kill any drifters or we have to evict triglavian posers from pochven first. It says “Hunting Ground” on the Glorification filament. Pochven itself is a holy land. Have you ever heard, “take the fight outside?” Oh wait, none of you have been in a hand to hand fight. Am I supposed to false flag to secure Pochven, or am I supposed to prop Sahara up and hope to get the tiny bit of sway I’d need to lock it all down, or am I supposed to contact the ■■■■■■■ Mittani and pitch my plans? ■■■■.

Stribog seems to be doing great. My first director in AZDJ reminds me of Matt, who reminds me of me and Aurican when we were young bloodthirsty chads. Sahara is amazing, and gives me a little bit of hope for salvation for biological males in New Eden. I wonder if I could just send her fittings. Do I challenge her to a 1v1 for Emperor of Pochven? Is this a political marriage opportunity? I wish I was just shooting things and playing with my drones still. I hope Bunzil gets back soon.

I guess I’m looking forward to number 3.

Boarding parties deployed from my marauder would be nice. Missile launcher that shoots twitchy killers into smug sleepy whales. Honestly, I wanna be in the pod. Running an obstacle to unplug them and drag them out of the blue goo by hand sounds exquisite. I hope it doesn’t show up on the ■■■■■■■ killboard. Speaking of…

I’ve been thinking about dying. I hear a voice. I know I’ve died a bunch of times but I wonder what it’s like to get past this goofy weak human form, or to join something bigger. There’s a voice, it says it will help me break the cycle. I wonder if this is the other voice they hear? I can only really hear it when I’m baselining, but it’s getting louder. I can’t tell if it’s a dead ancestor or a demon or a god. I wonder if I can get implants to make it clearer, or better yet… an external monitor for others to hear the voices in my head? Everyone hears Sansha jangling around in their pod, but can’t imagine anyone hacking their stream of thoughts? How much do Sansha and the Drifters already have control? It must be a lot, or the Trigs wouldn’t be here. At least Edencom itself seems like they’re more of a threat to Sansha and Drifters than they are us. Pre-reactionary looperooo, ■■■■ I hate trying to make sense of this. I wish I was as crazy as they think I am. I wish I had more help. Sometimes I feel like the only Kybernaut who cares about the Flow anymore.

I sorta wish I’d spent more time multiplexing my infomoprh to pay for operations, since I finally have an operation that exceeds my financing ability, but I look at how ■■■■■■ up those bitter veterans are and wonder if it’s worth it. Grass roots revolt always sounded better.

Speaking of!

Odart is great kid. Today he told me that the faith I’m placing in him might be too much. My chronically abused ass thought he said his faith in ME was too much, and I said “oh yeah it’d almost weirder if you didn’t have any doubts.”

He’s been ground floor for this whole thing so far, seen me being me, and he still had doubts in himself before me? Awww.

When I was his age, I doubted myself, I doubted God, I doubted Fate, I doubted reality, I doubted Others.

No more doubt, just varying degrees of certainty.

Oh wait, I should make three more prophecies.

Navka Hive is the start of synthient friends!

The three gates inward will open

The countdown will begin? Uh oh. What the ■■■■ does that mean?

I was hoping these would be lighter, more fun, but ■■■■.

Time to start working on a new Leshak doctrine…
I hope recruiting goes better or I’m going to have to teach homegrown rogue drones to fly leshaks… maybe Domis? ■■■■.

Am I literally just posting my rambling for money for this ■■■■? Lifestyle blogging. ■■■■. God save us all, please? Please? Seriously. I’m not afraid for me, I just don’t know about everyone else. I want to help them all, but all I can do is pray at the moment.

Hopefully this’ll make up for a bit of that money Maldavius STILL owes me and the motha fuckin boys for the Nalvula Fort. Considering I helped him secure structure access rights from the command of that fort after dropping corp and seizing control with no problem. Offended Security. Get it? ■■■■. Somebody accused me of awoxing them and stealing the structures, when literally I tried to prevent the next disgruntled director from having too much power, and then fought a war with those harmed to ask for an apology. Good thing I failed securing the structure rights lol. We’ve gotta be 10B+ out still after cost and the ransom. I guess it makes sense that paying debts would be the biggest rule for Stribog, considering that not paying debts is what caused their largest losses in history. The war was def more fun than the money was worth, but damn. I hardly got to fight in it honestly.

If all of life is a stage, who the ■■■■ is this play even for? I hope it’s not just me.

Is it for… you? I’ll be listening for your voice among the others, Kybernaut.

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So…. Is this Player Non-Fiction? Lol

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“Prose” it is! Adding to list of entrants and good luck!

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Thank you! Theological ramblings? :stuck_out_tongue:

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