[YC 126 NEWCWC Say Thanks To Logi]


 Lights flashed and flickered to life as another graffitied section of the station was resurrected and reopened to the residents and denizens of Okagaiken IV–Caldari Navy Logistics Support. Primarily a longstanding post for monitoring the activities of the Gallente Military in the Black Rise region, it had fallen into incompetence in the most recent years of the Empyrean War–due primarily to the overwhelming support of Capsuleer pilots firmly securing the system well away from any front lines. That changed with the Deathless Circle launching their insurgencies with the Guristas Pirates and Angel Cartel being its invited arms–causing havoc across the Empyrean warzones.
 Okagaiken had recently been in the crossfire of one of these insurgencies by the Guristas Pirates, and the station commandeered by their raiding parties. Graffiti, debauchery and corridor shooting galleries lasted for a little over a month until the Forward Operating Base a few jumps away began receding back to the mysterious Zarzakh system–at which point the pirates unceremoniously grabbed whatever they could carry and ran. The Caldari Navy personnel secured the station section by section, with Upwell Consortium contracted Mordu’s Legionnaires assisting–within the bounds of their statement of work. The station was slowly reawakened over the last few weeks.
 This didn’t mean much to the capsuleer Lynne Rankin as she returned to her accommodations aboard the station, able to safely convene physically with her corporation and alliance representation for an upcoming call to arms operation. A major meeting with many capsuleer representatives from different corporations and alliances in the region had just adjourned discussing a recent event affecting them all. With the recent reveal of Upwell’s newest station technology for capsuleers–disruptive as ever to the state of affairs–a large, hostile group of capsuleers had made a massive power move–reinforcing damn near every station and customs office across multiple regions of Low-Sec. They wanted to have sole control over these vast areas before Upwell’s new structure line became ratified by the Empires & CONCORD for capsuleer use.
 By contrast to the station around her, that aggressive power move meant a great deal to Lynne, and it was infuriating when no one at the table wanted to join forces against this common threat. Despite the proof, common ground, statements, calls to action from her CEO, Matthew, pride and fear were too powerful to overcome and her alliance’s CEOs and Directors were left alone in the conference room as the visiting representatives departed. F’ing egos, Lynne hissed in her mind. Leaving the meeting room to her accommodations, she left Matt and the other CEOs to continue strategizing a defense. Her feelings were so strong that if she were connected to her Pod right now her ship’s engines may have burnt out from her mind’s fire. Lynne was so focused on recounting the meeting, and how it could have gone differently, she slammed like a brick wall into her fellow corporation member.
 “Ouch, Lynne!” screamed Malgore, echoing off of the graffiti decorated halls, “I know the meeting didn’t go like we planned, but you don’t have to take it out on me!” Malgore rubbed his shoulder to will the pain away from the body slam Lynne had delivered. Lynne’s shoulder mirrored the pain she had dealt to him, her senses synchronizing back with the world–being knocked out and brought to reality. The fresh smell of chemical cleansers and solvents filled her nostrils. Miniaturized drones that looked like they were based off the WASP design were removing the Guristas graffiti, covered chassis to robotic arm with cleaning supplies. The smell of chemicals, the robotic humming and hovering sounds, and the subsiding pain in her shoulder mixed together in this moment. A metaphorical cleansing of Low-Sec was needed, and only her alliance was willing to be the first to act.
 Lynne looked at Malgore, the logistical head for our alliance, his blonde dyed hair attempting to pull attention away from his natural dark brown goatee and brow–at the same time not doing a great job at it. His sunken eyes and cheeks showing clearly his long nights of theorycrafting with Matthew and then having to conduct shopping runs from Jita. “Do we have any Basi’s on contract?” Lynne asked, knowing she can look it up herself with barely a thought, but she liked to make Malgore sigh with an unspoken ‘look it up yourself you lazy hag’ type of sigh.
With that expected sigh, Malgore breathed “I have a full Logi squad’s worth of Basi’s ready. Three hundred million as usual.”
 Lynne and Malgore shared the same transactional business stare that always preceded a battle. He knew what she was about to do and ask.
 “I’ll buy you out.” Lynne said, 1.8 billion ISK blinking out of her wallet as she accepted the six Basilisk Logistic Cruisers. She didn’t feel like dealing with people saying they can’t afford a logistic ship or they didn’t have one today–she was going to have a full repair team for this fight.


 Lynne could feel the familiar movement of machinery and conduits snaking around her body, her mind reaching out through her implants to connect with her pod and willing the conduits to connect into ports installed along her spine. The first pair of slithering conduits made contact with a port on her thoracic and a port on her lumbar. The feeling sending shivers through this clone her mind presently inhabits, now drawing her pod into its protective Capsule enclosure. This clone I presently inhabit. She pondered briefly, the conduits swimming around her in the hydrostatic fluid pausing for a picosecond–a completely imperceptible pause to the Capsule attendees watching her submerged and bare body retract into her Capsule. She was used to the feeling even before she managed to become a Capsuleer–Empyrean–Immortal. As a Deteis within the Caldari State, Lynne was born as a Tube Child–artificially created to bolster Caldari forces during the onset of the Caldari-Gallente War on the premise we had a disproportionately smaller population than the Gallente and needed to procreate quickly. After a century, the practice was discontinued and not sponsored by the State anymore–Lynne, known as LYN2011 according to her Tube identification, was one of the last few who managed to get birthed and breath air before the program ended. Her kin were biomassed as no longer needed the day after she was born.
 With no appropriate need for Tube Children anymore, LYN2011 drifted between State Orphanages until she was old enough to try for the ‘Capsuleer Lottery’ in YC113, where she would be tested if she was a ‘perfect specimen’ for consideration into the ranks of becoming a Capsuleer–in Service to the Caldari State for a contractually determined time period, of course. Shocking even to herself, LYN2011 had just the right genetic deviations that were nigh impossible for a carefully procreated Tube Child to possess, she qualified to be tested to join the ranks of Capsuleers. Tube Children were so finely controlled with their genetic code that only 2800 or so Tube Children qualified and became Capsuleers out of the billions that were produced in the last century. After four years of rigorous training, mental, physical and emotional testing, LYN2011 lay on the medical bed that would kill her with a Transneural Echo Burn Scanner–simultaneously transferring her consciousness and memories into the first of her immortal clones. She became reborn when her eyes snapped open. She named herself Lynne Rankin from that point on, where she got Rankin she had no idea, maybe she said something stupid to the attendant as she came to. Either way, it was there forever now.
 The last of the swimming conduits connected to their respective ports along her spine, her mind connecting with and launching the microscopic camera drones from her pod so she could navigate herself into her Basilisk-Class Cruiser. A humble 390 meter long vessel, it was based off the Osprey cruiser hull and had a long history of keeping fleets alive if the pilots were competent enough. It was a blocky vessel that was somewhat avian-like, with front mounted pylons on either side of the ship, each hosting massive, vertically oriented panels housing technology necessary to replenish a target’s shields. Lynne had put hundreds of hours in as a Logistics role supporting her fleet and keeping them alive, this would be no different a task–even though the stakes were higher. Her pod flew effortlessly across her allocated hangar space towards her lone cruiser–having transferred the other craft to her Logistics team joining her. As she approached, she willed the ship to open its Capsule port so she could connect her pod to the ship’s systems and take command. To her starboard she could see a transit vessel heading to her cruiser, her skeleton crew was boarding the ship to make sure whatever human operable systems onboard still functioned and operated well—while Lynne controlled everything else from her capsule. She faintly hoped they’d go back home when she returned to dock soon, or at least get to an escape pod if she doesn’t return to dock in her cruiser.
 A surge of energy, information, controls and configurations filled her core as her pod integrated itself into the Basilisk. A modal appeared in her mind’s eye prompting to name the ship. Years ago she would have given it a proper name or one that at least sounded like it had meaning. Now she just wants to get past the prompt and move on. Her mental keystrokes entered “CAPmeUP” and confirmed it. Lynne opened a channel with her Logi team as she entered Fleet with her Alliance mates.

 Channel ID: 8a2bc17f6d9011ee9cbf00163e08c3aa
 Listener: Lynne Rankin
 Session started: YC126.04.27 00:54:21
 Participants: 4

Lynne: Hey friends, let’s get this cap chain rolling. One-Up/One-Down as usual.
Ryder: Copy that, configuring my watchlist now.
Elinason: Ryder, make sure to broadcast early if you need reps, don’t wait until you’re in the red like last time!
Ryder: You can’t see it but I’m flipping you off, El. <3
Lynne: El, how about you “prop on” this time haha
Elinason: Oh look at that, I’m flipping the bird too.
Urban has entered the channel
Urban: Hey, sorry I’m late guys. What’s the cap chain looking like?
Lynne: No worries, Urban. We’re just getting started. Watchlist is ordered by channel participants.
Urban: Got it, watchlisting now.
Roda: I’m all set here.
Lynne: Good good
Elinason: Now what SKIN do I apply…
Lynne Rankin: That’s a you problem.
Urban: Good to go.
Loki has entered the channel
Loki: Hey everyone, sorry I’m late to the party. How does this cap chain thing work again?
Lynne: No worries, Loki. Happy to have you with us. So, basically, look at the channel participants and where your name is in relation to others. You will send one of your Cap Transfers to the person above you, and one to the person below you, and stay anchored on me.
Loki: Got it, sounds straightforward enough. Thank you!

 Lynne knew it wasn’t going to be that straightforward once combat started, and she willed her attention away from the channel and organized her squadron in the fleet. Matthew had created a squad for her and she made herself squad leader. Her team started joining her squad, and they were ready to go. She mentally checked all her systems and ensured her modules were online, operational and ready for abuse. Her mind consciously tuned back into the voice communications channel she’d ignored while she setup her team. Incoherent chatter from some members teasing and messing with each other, others asking questions and getting them answered, and Matthew organizing specialized fleet roles while we all had a timer tick down, acting as a beating rhythm until we had to leave to engage the enemy. A smile creaked across her face. This was her family. She wasn’t born with one, but she found one with Matthew–to think she met him by blowing him up 11 years ago and now she was a part of all of this. It took many people to get here, but this Alliance was her family now and she was going to defend it.
 Taking note of Elinason’s comment about SKINs, Lynne mentally sighed and brought up her collection of ship paint & patterns she owned for the Basilisk, and picked one that had a glossy, yellow and red scheme–The Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoating on the ship reacting to the licensed pattern, and a ‘chill’ ran over the surface of the cruiser–creating a wave of adjusting nanites adapting to the defined color scheme. When they settled, her ship was painted in her desired pattern.
 The time ticked by while she customized her ship, and when she had finished, it was time to move.
 “Undock undock undock!” Matt said repeatedly in a neutral yet commanding tone, “Everyone undock! We have a point to make!
 Lynne’s body rocked slightly and reverberated inside her pod, the vibrations and hum of her cruiser’s engines activating sending ripples through the hydrostatic fluid. She mentally took a deep breath, This is where the fun begins. She thought to herself, seeing 45 Cyclone Fleet Issues, 6 Basilisk Cruisers–including her own, various frigates, support destroyers and cruisers undocking from the Caldari station and flying in formation towards the gapping maw that is the exit.

 Her family was going to war.


 Broadcasts for shield repair flooded Lynne’s thoughts as she prioritized and triaged the situation, her Logi team anchoring on her and synchronized to her ship’s movements and velocity with their MicroWarp Drives–desperately trying to keep tabs on who to transfer shields to and who to filter out for the time being. A smartbombing Loki Strategic Cruiser fleet of 15 or so capsuleers had dropped right on top of her fleet in the middle of their engagement. Their area of effect weapons creating false positives for damage. As shield transfers were split between these false positives and the target getting hammered by the group of Tempest Fleet Issue battleships, the scenario was getting dicey. While the Lokies were dealt with quickly, the induced chaos disrupting her team persisted.
 Lynne commanded her camera drones to pull back and widen their field of view so she could see the larger battlefield. The enemy had brought in a Revelation-class Dreadnought to pelt an Athanor Resource Complex owned by her Alliance, its automated systems unable to cope with this much damage for long. At the start of the engagement we intended to spring the trap set for us and engaged the dreadnought to draw out the enemy force–an enemy cynosural field was deployed to bring in the reinforcements. 24 Tempest Fleet Issues battleships, a pair of Paladin-class Marauders, three Vindicator-class battleships, and an Apostle-class Force Auxillary Carrier–a 4.6KM tall golden cathedral that immediately started providing armor repair services to the enemy. Specs of dust filled her screen as her camera drones peered to get a closer look at the monolith vessel, the dust being armor repair nanites that were spent–left to float until it gets pulled into some atmosphere or the sun and burns up on entry.
 The Apostle towered at the center of the battleship formation, its golden hullplating projecting shimmering rays of light towards battleships being shot at by Lynne’s Alliance, these beams containing energized armor repair nanites designed to repair damaged portions of ships according to their previously undamaged state. The nanites even restored the polish, shine, and paint job of the ships they repaired. Frigates danced and threaded between the enemy formation, keeping them in place as Matt commanded the fleet and strategized on how to uproot this threat. Merlins, Griffons, and Ares frigates buzzed and created chaos where they could–before they were snuffed out in tiny fireworks, their pods warping to safety to get a new frigate and repeat the process.
 “Logi, how we holding?” Matt asked, directed at Lynne.
 “Barely, just keep your transversal up for once, okay?” she snided back, her targets getting mostly recovered in their maximum shield capacity. He didn’t reply, acknowledging that we were holding for now.
 “Broadcasting next target,” Matt commanded to the Cyclones in fleet, “Onto this Vindicator in 3…2…1… Fire!” Missiles trails traced & blazed across the empty space towards the intended Vindicator target, impacting and stripping the limited about of shields on it and the rest of the missiles demolishing about a third of its armor–the Apostle sending repair nanites almost immediately, reverting the damage in a matter of seconds.
 “Clear launchers, clear launchers, next target broadcasted,” Matt directed, intending to force the Apostle to switch targets rapidly and mentally strain the pilot while reducing their capacitor and ability to repair our targets.
 “Fire!” Another volley of missiles streaked towards a Tempest Fleet Issue, its solar panel sails catching the missiles and shattering to shards of now useless silica. Like clockwork the Apostle switched and sent its shining light to the Tempest Fleet Issue, its sails regrowing to erase the damage from existence.
 A broadcast came in for repairs and Lynne quickly locked the pleading Cyclone and started transferring shield boosts to it, completing one cycle before her target lock broke. She tried to regain lock and it wouldn’t re-establish.
 “I’m jammed!” She informed her Logi team curtly, “Adjust cap chain…” hissing at the nuisance this disruption caused her, but she had little time to be pissed much longer–the Cyclone exploded in the center of her view, the capsuleer’s pod ejected and visible after the explosion warping away. The momentary confusion amongst her team and sheer damage being dealt by the enemy overwhelming the ships shields, armor, and its vulnerable hull until it detonated.
 “Lost a Cyclone!” Lynne relayed to Matt, who didn’t reply–she knew he was mentally acknowledging the loss and reduced firepower, proceeding with continuing to tax the Apostle.
Lynne located the source of the jamming and saw a flight of ECM drones encircling her Basilisk, she launched her own flight of combat drones–directing them to hunt and kill the blinding mosquitos. Another cycle of the drone’s jams successfully scrambled her sensors again.
 A scorching flash appeared and encompassed her view as the Athanor’s core detonated, the resource complex sending out millions of cubic meters worth of material flying in all directions with the silent explosion. The effects of this explosion were barely felt by the enemy fleet who momentarily shifted their ship systems to resist the blast. The Revelation dreadnought terrifyingly illuminated by the superheated gases as it nonchalantly retracted its weapon ports and began to align out.
 Another pair of Cyclones went down in quick succession, taking three volleys each from the enemy fleet before exploding in brilliant displays of chaotic gases and plasma. A pod was flung at hundreds of meters a second due to a botched ejection–straight towards the wreckage of a nearby battlecruiser–its relatively weak hull cracking like an egg on one of ships aft section, the flash frozen body of the capsuleer inside flung out into space. The ID read Malgore Filktis. He’s probably already reborn by now, trying to speed towards the hangar as fast as his fresh legs could take him to reship and get back into the fight. The last of the ECM drones jamming Lynne fizzled out of existence under the projectile fire of her combat drones, and the moment its effects faded she locked onto a broadcasting Cyclone manned by Eralix Tar and immediately started transferring shields to him just before a volley would have punched a hole through his ships reactor.
 “I’m back up,” Lynne said calmly, “Re-establishing the chain.” She locked onto her partners and transferred capacitor energy to their ships as they did so in return. This process essentially tied their ships energy reserves together so that none are as susceptible to energy neutralizing effects–and this also kept them topped off at their reactor’s peak energy output almost at all times.
 Eralix’s Cyclone, limping on a third of his armor remaining and full shields now sent an armor broadcast out, noting that the enemy fleet had dropped their locks and potentially switched to someone else. Lynne stopped her shield transmitters and prepped them to boost a different Cyclone–her eyes instinctively peering towards the enemy fleet where she noticed a target lock on her Basilisk, then two more, then five, then the entire enemy fleet locked onto her. Lynne’s mind immediately transmitted a broadcast for shields signal and she cut her MicroWarp Drive so her signature was smaller–making her more difficult for the tracking computers to get a bead on her.
 Even with her MicroWarp Drive off, that volley evaporated all but 30% of her shields–which were promptly replenished by her fellow Logi pilots.
 Another volley smashed into her ship, this time the tracking computers had adjusted their aimed and delivered a more devastating blow. Her shields were swatted away and her armor had gaping holes through it, her system estimating an armor integrity of 80% remaining. Her shields were instantly replenished again by her Logi team, but she couldn’t hold this up much longer if they could do that much damage. A part of her vision showed the interior of her ship, fires being put out by some of the dedicated ship hands while others ran for the escape pods–at this rate she didn’t blame them, but if they survive she’ll make sure to process a claim with the SCC Insurance organization for the reduced personnel.
 “Revelation tackled! We’re holding it down!” the tackle lead shouted, a young capsuleer hotshot whom she hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting just yet, but he and his suicide squad of tackle frigates were keeping the immense dreadnought from fleeing to safety. We weren’t done–
 Another wrecking volley rocked her ship, her armor alarm blared that she only had 60% armor remaining–even a few of those dedicated ship hands were starting to consider abandoning ship, and some did. The ship could still be completely controlled by Lynne and automated interior drones, it’s just a lot more annoying having to dedicate brainpower to the menial shipboard duties. Her shields kept draining and replenishing in a deadly game of “which shot is the next one to get through”, her systems showed she was down to 46% armor now.
 “Cyno up! Cyno up!” Matt called out, Lynne’s attention drawn to the blood red Cynosural beacon generated 80KM to the left the enemy fleet, the pinned down Revelation, and the occupied Apostle, relative to her alliance’s fleet. In a brilliant display of ghostly red energy waves revealing a fleet of 75 ships jumped through–another fleet of Cyclone Fleet Issues with related support craft. They were not from Lynne’s alliance, and they were not marked as allies causing her heart to pound for the addition threat.
34% armor remaining. An alarm blared.
 “We changed our minds, these guys need to be knocked down a peg,” a new voice came over her communication channel, the commander of the newly arrived fleet, “Link your broadcasts to us, we’ll synchronize our firing solutions with your fleet, Matt.
 “About time man! We almost had all the fun to ourselves.” Matt retorted to the apparent allies, reinforced shortly after the thought crossed Lynne’s mind as the fleet’s IFF updated to show as allied. Matt continued another message to the combined forces, “Next broadcast going out, back onto this Vindicator in 3…2…1… Fire!
 In a breathtaking moment, the space between the fleets was filled with tracers fire, laser lines, heated plasma, repair beams and nanites, and missiles with their smoke trails. The missiles danced through the incoming fire–their onboard systems calculating the incoming fire and evading as best as possible on their way to the target–and two fusillades of missiles impacted the Vindicator battleship, its front prongs buckling into each other as the impacting explosives stripped armor and weakened hull integrity–culminating into a tiny sun appearing and swallowing the engine compartment of the Vindicator. The blinding light from the fusion chamber erupting and devouring the ship that once contained it sending chain reactions throughout the ship–lifepods escaping including the capsuleer.
79% hull remaining. The alarm blared again.
 Tackle frigates flying near the enemy fleet quickly descended on the capsuleer’s freshly evacuated pod, and mercilessly eradicated it–its pilot’s corpse flash frozen and floating in the endless void. The vultures momentarily satisfied, they continued to prevent the heavy assets from leaving the area–forcing their battleship escorts to remain on field to protect them. Another target broadcast, a Tempest battleship down. Another broadcast, another Tempest down.
48% hull remaining.
 Another broadcast, this time a shield broadcast from one of her fleet mates, her shields replenished–the onslaught over as the enemy switched targets away from her. She quickly locked onto the Cyclone needing repairs and started her shield transmitters to restore its shields, catching it before its armor was touched. The enemy fleet was dwindling now, several Tempests were destroyed and two of the three Vindicators destroyed, the fleet starting to get disorganized with their morale disappearing a quickly as their ships were. Some battleships warped off in random directions as selfish capsuleers decided to cut their losses and prevent their ship’s destruction, this made her job much more tolerable and not as hectic with the reduced damage output.
 The golden rays of armor repair nanites stopped being emitted by the Apostle, signs that the ship had been overworked and was temporarily out of energy in its capacitor–preventing it from generating and charging armor repair nanites. The detonating enemy becoming more frequent under the brutal bombardment of over a hundred Cyclone Fleet Issues and their support craft.

 The battle was won, the enemy just needed convincing from this point on.


 The Athanor’s imposing wreckage and debris dwarfed the killing field a few dozen kilometers from the devastated hulk–however the killing field and its mulched up remains of Tempest Fleet Issue battleships, Vindicator battleships, Paladin marauders, a Revelation Dreadnought and Apostle Force Auxillary Carrier were more of a sight to behold for members of Lynne’s alliance and their better-late-than-never allies. They had made a proud statement to their enemy that their combined force was not to be trifled with and that they could be beaten. It was also a signal to the Low-Sec groups that unity against a common threat was the only way to defeat their enemy, and already messages were being received, indicating these groups wanting to sit back down at the negotiating table and come to a sort of agreement.
 “This guy had X types!!!” someone from her fleet comms shouted as the fleet dispersed throughout the field of wreckage to pillage whatever modules and valuables could be collected from the debris. Lynne wasn’t interested in the remains this time, keeping an eye on the field as a pseudo-guardian to her family while she reveled in the victory that took place here today. Hundreds, even thousands of conflicts of all shapes, size and affiliation took place in New Eden every day, but this one was her family’s conflict personal to them.
I doubt the Gallente could turn this into a Holoreel half as good as experiencing this. Lynne pondered to herself as the fleet began to align back to Okagaiken and entered warp. She saw the beautiful view of Cloud Ring off to her left as her fleet traveled through warp across the system, a millennia old nebula formed from a supernova that formed a peculiar and captivating ring-like shape. This also saturated the accessible solar systems with profitable stellar gas for booster production. Several systems were even controlled by her alliance currently, with lots to do and friends a plenty. Maybe I’ll go gas mining later today to celebrate and relax. Lynne’s thoughts softened and left combat mode for the time being.
 Lynne’s attention drew back to the excitement and joy from her family as the adrenaline wore off and became present in the conversations. Then Matt chimed in on comms to the whole fleet to hear:
 “Thanks Logi!” he shouted, expressing his gratitude to minimizing the losses to the fleet.
 “Thanks Logi!” a chorus of voices came through almost synchronized, her family appreciating keeping their ships mostly intact during the engagement.

 Channel ID: 8a2bc17f6d9011ee9cbf00163e08c3aa
 Listener: Lynne Rankin
 Session started: YC126.04.27 01:44:58
 Participants: 4

Lynne: Hey friends, going to hop off for now and go gas huffing.
Elinason: Sounds good Lynne! Thanks for the anchor.
Urban: Sell me what you collect! I could use the materials.
Ryder: I’m going to go find a bar in Okagaiken to celebrate.
Loki: I’m coming with you, Ryder!
Lynne has left the channel.

 The fleet exited warp next to the stargate leading to Okagaiken, and Lynne transmitted the necessary codes so the Traffic Control team aboard the massive transit structure could process her ship for gate travel. Her camera drones returned to their designated ports on the Basilisk cruiser in preparation for traveling through the stargate, and in a blinding light her ship was transported to Okagaiken in an instant. She initiated warp to the Caldari Navy Logistics Support station independent of her fleet, chuckling to herself wondering what the expression on her SCC representative’s face will be when she reports the ship hands abandoning ship too soon.

OOC Commentary
Word count: 4942

This piece was written as an embellished and exaggerated retelling of a recent conflict my alliance was a part of. It was written for the Writing Contest, however, this was a very fun piece to write and have me digging into different aspects of EVE and New Eden, taking inspiration from the writing styles of Tony Gonzales and Hjalti Daníelsson, and creating something of my own. It also allowed me for the first time explore the backstory of my main character Lynne Rankin, uncovering her story and past to get into her head. I want to thank the coordinator(s) for the New Eden Capsuleer’s Writing Contest for putting this together, and I hope to enter future Writing Contests and further exploring the character of Lynne Rankin.

Due to ongoing engagements and operations, alliance names for allies and enemies were left vague. Win or lose, I’m very pleased with the outcome, with the express goal in giving something for my alliance members to read and enjoy as well as the wider community.