YC120 Pod & Planet Contest - A Day in the Life - Marine (Livestock) by Mountain Ghasha

Marine (Livestock)

Wake in our bunks, crucial day for our hole,
Today we defend, calling every last soul.
Breakfast is served, then we form for parade,
Haulers arriving with torpedoes of rage.

An alert goes out, “the Fedos have escaped!”
Our squad shoot them all, now the walls are blood-caked.
Marines have their lunch, the mess hall is packed,
The scouts burst in, “multiple hostiles tracked!”

Hear the call to arms, janitors hiding in fear,
Reinforcement ends, “Take Control!” cries our leader.
The enemy lands with logistics and all,
Vedmaks vs Bombers, this could be the wrong call.

“We need bombing rigs” screams a pilot, enraged,
Hulls taking damage, Vedmaks fully engaged.
Citadel goes down! Our defence was a flop
and this marine didn’t survive the loot drop.


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