YC123 Union Day Celebrations - Short Written Works Contest


In celebration and honour of the YC123 Union Day the LUMEN Caldari Contingent is sponsoring a writing contest for inspiring and patriotic written works in the form of short prose or classic poetry.

This event is open to Citizens and non-citizens alike*. The purpose of the contest is to celebrate and illuminate the culture, history, achievements, future, and way of life of the Caldari people, the State, and the client states. Entries should reflect that.
We are defined by who we are, what we do and what we achieve, not by who we are not, nor who we fight against. Please do keep that in mind for these entries as well.

The entries shall be no longer than 1000 words, there is no minimal length.

Submissions of entries is opened as of this post and may be entered by replying to this thread.
The deadline for entries is 12:00 New Eden Standard Time on the 10th of September YC123.
The results will be announced once the judges has reviewed the entries and made a decision, likely mid-late September.

Prizes for the top entries are:

  • 1st Place – 1 billion ISK as well as one Raven Navy Issue
  • 2nd Place – 500 million ISK as well as one Drake Navy Issue
  • 3rd Place – 250 million ISK as well as one Caracal Navy Issue
  • 4th Place – 100 million ISK as well as one Caldari Navy Hookbill

Individual judges may award further prizes at their own discretion to works they deem deserve special recognition. The prizes may be updated.

Rules and limitations
The intent is that works submitted to this contest are made for Union Day YC123. As such, already existing works should not be entered (This is waivered for works published relatively recently).
Multiple submissions from the same person is allowed, each entry is judged separately.
I reserve the right to disqualify any hostile or inappropriate entry or contestant.
All judges are disqualified from submitting works to the contest.

If there are questions in regard to the contest, you may contact me.

For the State!

* Those aligned with the following groups need not enter.
Sasnshas nation, Blood Raiders, Triglavians, Provists and Templis Dragonaurs.
The same applies for individuals with a repeated and violent history of major acts of aggression (Such as, but not limited to; Piracy, Subversion, Terrorism, and Sabotage) towards the State itself.
This includes active membership or loyalty to outlaw organizations active in such acts.
Example of such organizations are: Guristas Pirates, Equilibrium of mankind.

Individuals who have committed acts against the State in their past, though own action or by criminal association, who now is actively working on reconciling and atoning for their erroneous deeds may be considered for participation.

Log of Changes/Updates:
YC1230828 - Updated with elaboration of ‘Aggression’ towards the State and what it entails and extends to. Added clause of atoning.

With reservation for eventual errors, clarifications, and changes.


Medal Ceremony

She stood at attention, straight as a steel bar, immaculate dark blue uniform, boots gleaming.

The light was blinding and she hardly saw anything of the silent room past the stage she was standing on. She could hear the silence split by the booming voice of the speaker.

The high ranking Navy official was speaking on a podium at the end of the row of military personnel. He spoke about the State… about how much they had achieved in so little time… he spoke about defending the values of the Caldari State… about the service all those who were in the Navy did in the defence of the State… about the dangers and enemies the Navy faced every day… about how proud the State should be of them, of the Navy, for their outstanding work.

“These people fought for the State! They risked their life for the State! They put their hearts and minds toward the defence of our values, of our STATE!” the words boomed and the tail end was drown into the thunderous applause.

“We are here today to reward some of those personnel, some of those people that had been doing their best out there, in space, for away from their homes but with the State in their heart.”

“FOR THE STATE!” as on clue the few rows of Navy personnel boomed their salute and rose their hands to their eyebrow in unison, sharp and precise, because the Navy was one: it did not matter you were a Deteis, a Civire or an Achura, once you joined the Navy, you were the Navy.

The salute was met with another round of thunderous applause and the high ranking official let it die before he stepped down from the podium. A military aide was right there, ready to trail him as he started on the row.

The military aide carried a metal tray full of medals and followed the high ranking official just one step behind, never missing a step, never moving more than what was exactly needed. Each time the Navy official stepped in front of a Navy soldier, he would turn to pick up one of the medals and appoint it on their chest. A few words were whispered and the soldier would salute before the high ranking official moved on.

She did not move an inch, she did not let the lights from above glare her to the point of wincing, she did not let the warmness make her sweat. This was one of those moment on which an entire career hinged, where months long efforts were rewarded.

With the corner of her eye, she saw the high ranking official just one soldier before her and soon enough, he walked in front of her. Her eyes did not move away from the officer’s face, she only caught at the edges of her view the medal for her service moving, reaching her chest, being appointed, adding the smallest of weights to the left side of her chest.

“A medal for your efforts in support of the Caldari State, soldier. The State thank you, be proud of what you’ve accomplished.”

The high ranking official words were military perfect, with just a smile warming up the otherwise cold and calculating visage; you did not get in those position without growing cold and calculating.

“Thank you, Sir!” she replied, sharp as metal as she saluted just as sharply. The high ranking official nodded approvingly and moved on to the next in row.

She was having a hard time not beaming with proudness; just a few years ago she would not have even thought she was going to be standing there, being awarded a medal for her service to the Caldari Navy. However, a true soldier of the Caldari State would not let emotions get through until the ceremony was done.

The medal award ceremony kept on going as she steeled herself and remained standing. Only when every single soldier standing on the stage had been decorated and the high ranking official had moved back to the podium, it continued.

“Praise this people because they are the Navy and their efforts keep us all safe. FOR THE STATE!” the soldiers boomed in unison with the high ranking official on those last words “FOR THE STATE!”.

What they did out there was for the State, to defend it and its values, as much as to defend their dear ones back home. They could accomplish things that many would have said to be impossible, but for them, they were not, because they were the Caldari Navy.



Length: 766 words

A poem, reflecting how emotions must be held in check, and how difficult it can be to conform to a cultural standard thrust upon you. Of comrades lost in battles. Of unrequited love. A glimpse into the difficulty of Caldari life.

Alone with my thoughts
Pondering our goodbye.
Few words in hushed tones.
Do not cry, you tell yourself.

Walk away.
Look back once more,
But you’re gone.

Soundless tears flow freely
Mingling with the soft rain.
How fitting.
The heavens are crying with you.
Emulating your pain.

This is not farewell.
We will meet again
Even if it feels like forever.

Until then, I’ll hold it all in
And cry when I’m again
Alone with my thoughts.


A bleak universe
Vibrant colours as contour
Now missing pieces


Call of the State

“Captain.” The Lieutenant saluted as the older, greying man walked past him. He returned the salute but he kept walking past, he had been recalled for a mission of utmost importance. It had been years, long years, since his boots had stepped onto those metal floors, since he had saluted higher ranks and lower ranks had saluted him. So many memories…


He was sitting in the patio of his summer house, on Abagawa IV; the sun was peeking through the grey clouds and he was contemplating the world past his garden. He had spotted them right away, walking up the street toward him: some things never truly died, not even after years a military career has ended.

He wasn’t wrong. The two military officials had stopped right in front of the opening to his garden. They did not have ranks on their uniforms but for sure, just by the way they walked, they showed off they were military… and not any military, they were the Navy.

He had risen an eyebrow as he regarded them; he had closed with the Navy back in the day, he wasn’t going to be back any time soon, he had said and repeated that again and again.

“Mr. Laakkonanen, we would like to have a talk with you.”

He had shrugged, such invitations were one way invitations: there was only one answer, yes. No was not contemplated. He had gestured for them to come in and he had led them inside his house, where prying ears would not be able to ear. He liked his privacy and had made sure his house was private.


The door swung open in front of him, opening on a lecture room with bleachers raising for 180° degrees around the podium, much like an amphitheatre. His grey eyes inspected the people gathering there, recruits, newbies still going through the military school that still hadn’t seen the front line.

A military aide approached him and saluted “Captain, the lecture will start in 10 minutes.” He nodded as he reached for the podium, inspecting the equipment there; it had changed since he had last walked these halls. He had the military aide walk him through the basics, preparing for the upcoming lecture.


They talked, made their proposal but he had resisted, he had made his point clear and they left. They came back a week later and they talked some more and once again he made his point, refusing to play their game. However, in the starry nights, he knew his resolution was eroding, the State needed him… how could he refuse to help it?

They had come a third time, they talked and, in the end, he had agreed… at last. Agreements were made, plans were set in motions and just days later he had taken a shuttle up, to the sky, something he hadn’t done in a long long time and he hadn’t thought about doing again in his life.


The clock ticked and the latecomers hurried to the last few free spots in the amphitheater. One last check with the military aide and he stepped on the podium: silence fell, barely a movement as the lights lowered and only he remained clearly visible at the center.

He breathed as he slowly surveyed rows after rows of young cadets; he had agreed to come back to help the State, to help the Navy, and return the help he had received when he was younger and he somewhat still did. He gripped the podium, many of them could be his grandchildren if the war hadn’t taken her away.

He steeled himself, it wasn’t time to remember such happenings, it was the time to teach the new generations how to avoid the same mistakes, how to make the State stronger, how to uphold the values that had let the State push through the centuries and through its many enemies.

“Cadets.” The word resounded in the silent amphitheater “I’m not here to tell you nice stories of war with heroes and damsels in distress. I’m here to teach you about the wars we fought, I fought… to defend the Caldari State. History to avoid doing the same mistakes. I will be gritty, I will be hard, but that’s what you will find out there, cadets. We will go through the actions that had made to the history books and holos as much as through the actions that did not. By the time you will be done, you will be able to understand how we did it and why we did it.”

He had chosen to do what must be done: he was going to teach these recruits how they did it, to build the foundations of a brighter future for the Caldari State. The State needed its citizens and its citizens must answer the call.

He had answered the call.

At last.


Words: 810

Sabre wings beating to the rise and fall
Of a falcon between the peaks of Home
Mountain Wind whispers, listen to its call
Child of forest and the sea where you roam

To distant lands or stars in the sky above
Do not forget the lessons of the snow
When our people gathered with those they love
Together as one where their strength would grow

To prevail, endure the storms when they come
Unbroken, unafraid of the tumult
We meet trials of fate with brave hearts that drum
Marching forward to victory’s result


Sunset on the Shiigeru

Ragged clouds drift amid the onrushing night
In the ebbing sun gossamer flaring bright
Scattered blossoms in a gloomy vastness
Darksome isles bearing silent witness

The bones of the planet raw, exposed, bleeding
Fissures glimmering, red wounds weeping
Poison and noxious flame into this ailing world
Tendrils of man’s rage writ in vapors swirled

Spirits must yet wander those weeping ravines
Lost amidst the exhaust of broken dreams
The doomed heirs of a world divided
By their legacy generations shall be guided

But death and catastrophe do not rule the expanse
Alighting on crimson scars is fresh verdance
From afar beams of effervescent glow wafting
Defiant, shining pillars of new cities rising

As peace flows, soft and subtle through my veins
I lie awake, thoughts on monumental remains
In service and sacrifice, can one aspire to burn so bright
As here the Caldari yet do, through the long night?


Haiku's style poetry

From the cold
proud people come
strong the State is

Eight corporations
Only one state
Strong together

Citizens stand up
they fight the enemy
State’s glory


A bit in the style of japanese Haikus, just for fun, no pretense to be perfect with these ones :) they are three but to be taken as a single entry.

The deadline for submitting entries to this event has now passed, and no more entries will be considered for the contest.
The board of judges will now assemble and review the submitted works.

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The board of judges has deliberated the submissions and made a ruling.
We are pleased to announce the winners:

1st place: Victory by Mr. Michifusa Nishouji.
2nd place: Sunset on the Shiigeru by Ms. Zahra Sarain.
3rd place: A poem by Ms. Cecilie Vale.
4th place: Call of the State by Ms. Miyoshi Akachi.

The board of judges is also pleased to announce these special awards:

A bleak universe by Morgana Tsukio
In recognition of heritage and tradition.
“The board appreciates the work done by Ms. Tsukiyo in bringing an eloquent poem to life in the ways of old. The board wishes to grant Ms. Tsukiyo the hull of a Tengu, A vessel exceptional for the exploration of the universe… yet it is lacking pieces to do so, for now.”
Prize: The hull of a Tengu Strategic Cruiser.

Ms. Miyoshi Akachi for going above and beyond for the State
"The board’s recognition award for above and beyond for the State is given to the individual with the most proliferative work for this contest - a true statement on those who go above and beyond for the Caldari State, and a model citizens of all eight mega corporations should strive to exhibit.”
Prize: 500m ISK

Commendations and appreciation to the winners.

A special note of appreciation to Mr. Korbin “Korsavius” Sa’Kur Lavius, Ms. Lunarisse Phonaga and Mr. Franco Phonaga for their individually donated prizes to the contest.

For The State!


Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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