YC123 Union Day Propaganda Contest - The Results!

I took part in the contest, thank you.


Incorporated Patriotism

What better way to recruit to the Caldari Navy than by showcasing their incredible arsenal of ships?

To honor the Caldari, I’ve composed an original piece of music, as well as putting it to a video featuring in-game footage showcasing the majesty of iconic Caldari vessels.

Original music entirely composed by me. Footage collected in-game. Video created by me.


Entry number 4: Call to Arms!

High res on Flickr.


Drive high res link


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Anti-Guristas & Anti-Gallente posters



With the arrival of the Kutuoto Miru Landfall Centre, it is clear that the Caldari State has kept in mind its heroic past, as it steps forth towards a bright future.

To honour Caldari excellence, I’ve written and recorded a sonnet in iambic pentameter, putting it in video format for ease of access, showcasing the new Orbital Center.


Some posters on Caldari society



Amazing creativity on display once again and thank you everyone for your hard work! The contest is now closed and we’ll take a few days to review the submissions and let you know the final results soon!™


I forgot to make a reserve post, but for posterity:

Creative capsuleers! Please submit your entries for the Union Day Propaganda Contest in this thread. If you can’t embed your entry directly just post a link to it.

Entries are accepted from now until 11:00 UTC on Monday 13 September.

For details about the contest please refer to this news item.

We would love to see you share your work on Twitter with the #tweetfleet hashtag as well!



Congratulations to the winners and to all who contributed to this contest!


O M G. So unexpected… but so happy! :heart_eyes: Thank you to the judges and congrats to the other winners and honorable mentions :bowing_woman:

At least I know for the future that lower effort (copying existing ideas, rebranding some artwork/entries and share it as own, etc.) you put in the contest the higher chance you have to win…


Hooray for the winners! :partying_face:

Meanwhile in Caldari State, people are safe, because they are guarded by railguns of the patriots.

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Why this feels like a comment made by someone that expected to win because “he had the most likes” and is pissed off for not having won?

In my humble opinion, take it easy, it’s just an online contest of a game where the devs reward what they like, your life does not depend on it so easy, no point getting angry. What really matters is that you had a good time making your entry and you’re happy with it, not that you won something. :slight_smile:

Lol, says the one who copies existing stuff and steals content and brands it as own, and spams with multiple entry while majority of people submit one?

Mate, maybe I got the likes because it was good? I don’t say I was the best, contrary, I think there were much more original submissions by people who did original stuff. This is just a another proof that CCP has 0 clue or care what the community actually does related to Caldari RP and Caldari gameplay.

CCP again screw up contest like they can’t release a decent patch without releasing a hotfix or can’t implement a feature which is actually supported by the community. At least for next year I know to do a reversed image search make 2 adjustments and submit 5 entries, judges anyway have no idea how to do a contest.

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I strongly refuse the accusation of copying from anyone and anything. What I do comes from my own mind and in no way is an attempt of plagiarizing another’s creator’s work. Not for nothing I don’t follow social medias by default and I never look at the submission threads more than necessary to make my entries till I finished creating to not be influenced.

Second, I spam with 3 entries? Don’t blame me if you can’t create more than one entry while I have the time and creativity to post multiple entries. The rules permit that and I’m not the only one that took advantage of the possibility of creating more. Plus, it doesn’t look like that having multiple entries helps in winning: in the Minmatar contest I had multiple entries like I had here and in the Amarr contest and still I got nothing (and I did not complain).

Third, using assets is not against the rule, not everyone can draw and I can’t, sorry, and behind my works there is much more than reserve image search. In fact, I don’t think I ever used google image search.

In conclusion, keep your accusation to yourself mate. You’re just looking pitiful in your bouts of anger for not winning.

Please don’t misunderstand. I am OK that others won with minimum effort compared to 80% of the submissions we saw. I am also OK people using “inspiration” from for example Pinterest :slight_smile: if not google image search.

You are right, it would be pitiful to be angry over something - especially if CCP can’t do even a contest right and check submissions originality.

It just continuous to amaze me, how “professional” judges are at CCP. From my side the debate is over, especially because I have no issue with you or any of the contestants, congrats on the way you won! At least for next year I know how to submit work :wink: