YC125 Union Day All-Mountain Labor Convention Contest-- Meet the MARTN!


In honor of this year’s Union Day festivities, the Labor-Nationalist militia of the State Worker’s Union wishes to invite you to partake in the All-Mountain Labor Convention in the city of Myrskaa! As Labor-Nationalists, it is key to our platform to secure a positive working relationship with the rest of the JSL partnership to ensure a stable block to operate and organize within the State.

Whats the Matter with Myrskaa?

Comprised of roughly 40 million workers alone since Sukuuvestaa was awarded the contract the city has seen a miraculous recovery. A far cry from glassed ruin it once was, no one can doubt the success and professionalism SuVee has shown as they’ve carried out the task of rebuilding it from the ground up. Even still, for those workers brought in for the contract and those returning to the city after its destruction the effects of the Kyonoke Disaster are still felt day-by-day. It is a cultural and emotional latchkey, that at once demonstrates the industrious spirit of the State and Mother Mega-- While still presenting daily challenges for laborers driving this recovery who suffer their own pressures. Pressures that can be alleviated just that much more with the aid of an effective labor-nationalist union committed to the principles of Rationing, Repatriation, Conscription, and Reconstruction.

Meet the MARTN!

Connecting the cities of Myrskaa, Ashiiga, and Ruusaka reconstruction of the Myrskaa-Ashiiga-Ruusaka Transit Network has done more than reestablish reliable transportation and commerce to the three cities. It was a technical marvel of a project, employing tens of thousands, and represents the Caldari spirit of perseverance in the face of adversity. It carries children to schools, doctors to hospitals, and workers to construction sites. To many commuters, the MARTN has a whole personality of its own worth celebrating!

We wish to offer each Statesman a chance to reflect that personality, by challenging the Caldari community to design their own cute mascot for the Myrskaa-Ashiiga-Ruusaka Transit Network! Submissions will be due on September 2nd, with the winners announced on September 4th. Limit one submission per contestant. All submissions must be original works. Prizes are listed below!

As this year’s theme focuses on Kaalakiota’s stalwart solidarity with our allies in Sukuuvestaa and their important work rebuilding Myrskaa, our prizes pay homage to the Archura people who count themselves as proud workers of SuVee.

1st Place – Marshall Red Stargazer Skin

2nd Place-- Choice of Barghest or Bhaalgorn Red Stargazer Skin

3rd Place-- Choice of Rattlesnake or Machariel Red Stargazer Skin

We look forward to seeing your designs! Moitte!


The deadline has been extended due to a lack of suitable entries and civil unrest brought by United Champions of Freedom counter-demonstrations. The submission date has been extended to September 10th, at which point if no clear entry is suitable it will be designed by a contracted artist on behalf of the State Workers Union.

The All-Mountain State Workers Union delegation would like to present the newest mascot for the Myrskaa-Ashiiga-Ruusaka Transit Network. Say hello to Martin! Don’t let the tired eyes fool you, our chlamyphorid friend loves his job keeping the MARTN up and running so our passengers make it safely to work and home each day!.. Just maybe wait until after his first Starsi before asking him any questions.

This was just a rough sketch done by members of the State Workers Council… hes shy and didnt want to pose for a sketch of until he was sure other people got their chance to apply for the position! But we’re going to take Martin for a quick makeover to give him a new coat of paint and a fresh pair of coveralls. Stay tuned in the days ahead to hear more from Martin’s adventures getting settled in Myrskaa. Soon you’ll be seeing him all over the city on safety posters, information booths, and general directories to lend a helping hand.

Everyone say saisa, Martin-haan!

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