All-Mountain Labor Convention, Landfall City Steelworks, Sept. 2


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In an effort to foster stronger bonds between the labor-nationalist community and the overall stability of the Mountain Faction as a political bloc within the State, Kirjuun! is happy to announce the formation of an independent labor convention ahead of YC122 Caldari Union Day celebrations. The convention will be hosted at the Steelworks industrial park in Landfall City and is set to include panelists and moderators from across the JSL labor community. Keeping in this year’s theme of national strength, panels will consist of honest, open conversations aimed at reconciling differences between disparate labor groups and coordinating for the betterment of a wider Caldari national project. This includes such topics from technical training strategies to suggestions of business development of North Placid territories previously issued to JSL administration.

As the first All-Mountain Labor Convention, we aim to foster an environment that celebrates the role of labor within the State while maintaining an inclusive environment where all are welcome to build stronger ties and cohesion across the corporate hierarchy. It is our sincere hope to demonstrate this Union Day that the labor-nationalist movement need not be opposed to the State Workers Union but work in chorus to further the interests of all Caldari workers while supporting the Mountain Faction’s goal of a stable, safe, and powerful State.

This in mind, along with the convention I’m very happy to announce the first…


During the course of the convention, leaders from various independent, State, and JSL labor organizations will form the All Mountain Investment Panel with the goal of helping establish new, creative, and bold opportunities for labor development. Any and all workers are encouraged to present their project pitch to our panel heads, who will independently judge your proposal and make their own respective investment offers to aid your project.

While attendees are encouraged to keep within this years theme of national strength, we welcome a breadth of investment proposals from new training programs to militia armament projects. Enter the shark tank at your own peril, and exit at your own merit with your reward in hand to make your ideas a reality!

Attendees wishing to join the celebrations remotely are encouraged to join our communications sub-channel via the All-Mountain Workers neocomm chat channel. Bottled water will be available and readily distributed to all workers as well as two complimentary prepaid drink tokens that can be exchanged with the on-site Landfall Lager vendors. Enjoy this years Union Day, kirijuun, and stay tuned for any further updates!

Festivities will continue all weekend, however those who wish to attend the keynote ceremonies and the initial results of the All-Mountain Investment Panel should plan on being present in system or via our neocomm channel at 1500 NEST.

It is worth noting that while the MAJOR winner of the All-Mountain Investment Panel will be announced then, our sponsors are open all weekend for proposals and potential investment opportunities. In fact, the keynote presentation may be an ideal time to approach me with any questions or offers you may have.


From the workers of Kaalakiota to you, we hope you are having a happy and safe Union Day! If you are joining us and hoping for information on the winner of this years investment panel, I am pleased to announce that the winner by a clear margin was the proposal from the SuVee Outreach Committee to reinvest in building bonds with SuVee workers starting with assisting in organizing the city of Myrskaa.

Comprised of roughly 40 million workers alone since Sukuuvestaa was awarded the contract the city has seen a miraculous recovery. A far cry from glassed ruin it once was, and indeed what Federal propaganda often falsely claims it remains today, no one can doubt the success and professionalism SuVee has carried out their task of rebuilding. Even still, for those workers brought in for the contract and those returning to the city after its destruction the effects of the Kyonoke Disaster are still felt day-by-day. It is a cultural and emotional latchkey, that at once demonstrates the industrious spirit of the State and Mother Mega-- While still presenting daily challenges for laborers driving this recovery who suffer their own pressures. Pressures that can be alleviated just that much more with the aid of an effective labor-nationalist vanguard that embodies their material concerns and the voice of their social role.

As Labor-Nationalists, it is key to our platform to secure a positive working relationship with the rest of the JSL partnership to ensure a stable block to operate and organize within the State. I believe that bringing the All-Mountain Labor Convention to Myrskaa and beginning to host dialog with SuVee workers is an important first step toward achieving that dream.


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