Mountain Faction Endorsement for Upwell Cloning Proposal


Last month, SAYR Galatic hosted the latest All-Mountain Labor Convention in the Myrskaa-Ashiiga-Ruusaka Greater Metropolitan Area with the aim of facilitating a conversation between the disparate elements of the JSL Partnership’s State Workers Union. There, labors and technicians from Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa worked to sculpt a mutually agreed-upon policy towards Upwell’s advanced cloning initiative. While the exact lettering of the memo is between the State Workers Union and the JSL Partnership’s corresponding executive branch, I can share three broad points embodying the spirit of what was suggested by the Workers Union.

  1. Kaalakiota and Sukuuvesta ought to assert their position as the tie breaking force within the Chief Executive Panel to advocate for greater concessions in adopting Upwell’s proposed project. Chiefly, Kaalakiota and Sukuuvesta should become designated partners in co-developing this technology for the State and maintain partial ownership over cloning infrastructure to limit foreign control over this vital infrastructure. In cooperation with Yitri, JSL’s extensive experience with modernizing clone technology makes them a sensible and effective choice to entrust with this role.
  2. Appointed representatives from the State Workers Union should be granted observer status within the Upwell Consortium for the purposes of co-developing this technology and adapting it for use within the State. State Workers Union representatives must be permitted to deliver a quarterly report on project advancements and maintain a line of communication to provide specific feedback.
  3. The Upwell Consortium should revise its proposal on clone lifecycle management to allow greater worker flexibility when cross training between employers within the same economic partnership.

It is my understanding that members of the SuVee executive board have been dispatched to meet with Upwell representatives for negotiation, with the CEP expected to reach a final verdict in the coming days. I hope that they are able to keep the wishes of the State Workers Union in mind, and that we can find a solution amenable to all parties. I encourage all loyal members of the State and the JSL Partnership to take this opportunity to discuss this proposal and the results of these negotiations as the situation unfolds.


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It is my belief that granting a reinvigorated life and renewed opportunity to statemen and women will allow them to once again feel pride in their lives and contribute to their society. There are often feelings of dishonor and despair among those incapable of working their best due to aging bodies or damaged bodies. Many among JSL I believe share this viewpoint. I look forward to seeing the SuVee representatives’ results in negotiating with Upwell.

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It seems like Sukuuvestaa’s talks with Upwell paid off, and an optimal compromise was reached.

This seems like the best possible outcome, the proposed workforce transfers could be a significant opportunity for people, but service to one’s Megacorporation and the wider State takes precedence before any such things.


“…stability is achieved when two sides apply equal pressure, and compromise is won when neither side can claim a true victory.”

Every wormhole has two sides, but not all conflict is so polarized.

The State should be cautious in giving such strategic logistic prowess to a corporation with no allegiance aside from efficiency and profit.

New Eden politiks often paint the Caldari culture as cold. But there is no lack of heat in the blood of it’s people.

Can the same be said for the clones of Upwell?

It probably depends on who those clones originally were. There’s not a lot of reason to think an infomorph originating in the State is going to lose its fire just because its body is standardized.

Statisticians can predict, with reasonable accuracy(R~.4), the voting habits of a constituent.

In vitro.

Based on the mother’s cortisol levels during the 2-3rd trimester.

This was in the 21st century.

Now, apply that same level of analysis and control to cloning, 6000 years later.

What is the cost of efficiency?

I think the answer to the question will be interesting. I, for one, will be keeping a close eye on Upwell, my profits… and the well-being of my workers, who would not take kindly to being replaced by machines.

The Federation’s position is clear. They must take the risk to compete with the economic might of the Throne Worlds.

While I do not envy their position, I am made more fortunate by the opportunity to observe the situation from afar… Although I question if they learned anything at all from Omega-One-Five.