Labor-Nationalist Statement on "United Champions of Freedom"


I would like to take some time to respond to this crisis speaking as a dedicated Labor-Nationalist, member in good standing of the Kaalakiota workers union, and proud supporter of the JSL partnership between Kaalakiota and SuVee. There are a few points I feel I should mention before I get to the main discussion.

Why Labor-Nationalism?

As a Labor-Nationalist, have always supported the integral role of the worker within the Caldari State. Our vision for the State worker has always been clear and succinct:

  • Granting the labor union the right to self-management and governance within the State
  • Forming Union-Affiliated State-Sponsored Parallel Civic Institutions Dedicated to Supporting Union Members and Their Families
  • Ceaseless, Uncompromising Solidarity with the Working Class to Build a Broad Left Wing Nationalist Coalition
  • The Formation of a Nationalist Proletariat Vanguard and a Strong State

All four of those goals are predicated on worker classification as a codified system of class policy. Our movement has never, at any point, sought the “elimination” of these roles but to restructure the state so that these classes are used to serve the worker. Namely, but acting as the basis for distribution of State resources to the working class and to separate areas in influence so that the laborer is given more autonomy and freedom to self-organize within their role. Rather than face constant micromanagement from above by office workers that have never worked the factory floor who see the labor class as “below them” the Caldari class system is best served as a method to organize from the bottom up. It should exist to empower the workers to self-organize within their intended role and break operation of the State into spheres of influence along their specific workplace, with the State Workers Union as a method for organizing between those roles.

I made a chart, at one point, if this is still unclear.

Response to the CEP

While these are the ideal goals of the Labor-Nationalist movement, our specific aims in light of the current turmoil within the State have been to support the CEP’s policies based arond the “three Rs.”

  • Rationing-- While the labor-nationalist movement believes adjustments should be made to ease the strain on labor, it is our belief that rationing policies are generally favorable to curb issues of overproduction and as a method to distribute resources to each class’s needs as determined by their ability. Where labor is unwilling to accept these conditions, it is the responsibility of the vanguard to ensure discipline for the good of the working class as a whole.

  • Repatriation-- The rootless anarchists that make up the undisciplined masses rightfully assess repatriation efforts as a necessary step in mobilization by placing unskilled workers in under-performing roles into the armed forces, but fail to understand that this is necessary in support of the greater Caldari project and the opportunity to build working class sentiment within the military. As Labor-Nationalists we endeavor to serve as a vanguard of citizen-soldiers as at home in the factories as on the battlefield.

  • Reconstruction-- The turn away from liberal internationalist trade and toward internal development is the single greatest opportunity for the Caldari working class in a generation, provided we are willing to seize it. The Labor-Nationalist bloc seeks to champion novel economic strategies based on left-wing nationalist principles that will ensure the long term health and self-sufficiency of the State’s economy. The reconstruction of Kaalakiota under Haatakan Oiritsuu loss-leading five year economic plans remains the single best model for the restructuring of the State’s economy, and the labor-nationalist working class are destined to be the stewards that foster this transition.

And Now the Main Content: On the So-Called “United Champions of Freedom”

The current wave of turmoil in the State seems to have formed around Sumalee Daeng and a faction of the Wiyrkomi Corporation State Union. This Wiyrkomi Corporate State Union splinter faction shares no ideological grounds with the Labor-Nationalist movement or the JSL Partnership. What it absolutely does share DNA with, openly so, is the Brothers of Freedom movement.

The Brothers of Freedom, to those who may not remember, was a radical labor organization previously led by Melarius Torvil responsible for the death of 65,000 protesters under their charge before fleeing to the Minmatar Republic. The Brothers of Freedom are also a well-known Federation backed asset responsible for many psyops and propaganda articles circulated outside the State. The truth is that the Brothers of Freedom never bore a deep understanding of the role of the worker within Caldari society just as they never bore any concern for the lives of the protestors under their charge. This is because the Brothers of Freedom are not a legitimate workers movement that has emerged organically from the people of the State but, again, a bought and paid for federal asset used only to destabilize us from within. If genuine statesmen without a rigid ideological understanding of Caldari Labor, who knows only of how they can’t feed their children or how their knees ache from a lack of proper safety equipment, were to get wrapped up in their message of “freedom” only get pushed into an unwinnable confrontation and ran under the treads of State Peacekeeper tanks, well…

What does the Brothers of Freedom care? They got their confrontation. They got their instability. They get their news headline to run in Federation newspapers. The Brothers of Freedom did not care how the Caldari Worker lived, only how violently they died.

Melarius Torvil himself didn’t stay to actually suffer the same way the workers he marched into the meatgrinder in the service of their neoliberal paymasters did but bravely fled to the Minmatar Republic where he remained for nearly two decades. I do not believe it is any coincidence that this new United Champions of Freedom should emerge at such a time where the Caldari State opened markets with the Republic only to follow it with a general repatriation order. How many of the Brothers of Freedom or other Federal assets do you imagine were waved easily back into the State from exile? How many do you think got lost in the shuffle and wormed their way in through the cracks?

The Labor-Nationalist movement has long suspect the State labor movement plays host to outside agent provocateurs sabotaging legitimate workers movements with violence that’s only served the state’s enemies including the bombing of CEP spire and the multiple attempted terror attacks on the Jita 4-4 space elevator. To see this United Champions of Freedom flaunt themselves so openly now confirms that treason.

The Labor Nationalist movement will not support this bourgeoisie “revolution” that only aims to sacrifice the workers of the State to the Federation on the alter of foreign capital. The Labor-Nationalist vanguard remains loyal to the State, and aims to ensure the safety and security of JSL cities and territory to the hilt. From Myrskaa to Waschi City, these false-revolutionaries will not be tolerated. I strongly encourage the workers of Kaalakiota and SuVee to follow in kind and support other loyalist agencies to quell this revolt.

When the dust settles and the fox has been driven from the henhouse, there will be time for the Labor-Nationalists to claim the mantle of the labor vanguard. There will be time to organize, and ensure a worker’s peace dividend to ensure the role of the worker is given all of the support it needs to thrive. There will be time for a reconstruction of the State, in the same way Myrskaa was rebuilt from the foundation. But we need to be willing to fight for that opportunity.

True workers of the State, fear not. The time has come to demonstrate your worth, do your duty, and earn your place in the sun.


It’s been brought to our attention that the CEP has announced their latest slogan in response to the current political climate-- “Rationing, Repatriation, Conscription”

It may be purely coincidental but the diction reads similar to taglines shared by JSL-union-affiliated counter-protestors. Speaking strictly as a member of the Labor-Nationalist movement and not as an authority, my official position is this:

Hey, two outta three ain’t bad. We’ll get there, reconstruction will come. I can appreciate that are goals are aligned, and the idea that the CEP might, maybe recognize our small contribution to the cause even if cryptically through dogwhistles.

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