Yendor's perspective on EHEXP heist: Protect your corp from shenanigans by NullSec Groups

Are you saying that @Gerard_Amatin called your dad? Im interested, go on.


Well, first of all I agree with some of the OP and disagree with the rest. However you don’t see me jumping in nagging and constantly nitpicking about every little detail.

And by the way, I never said they were wrong but it’s definitely nitpicking when it’s constantly being done over and over again. And when it’s done by more than one poster all jumping in at the same time then that’s definitely a gangbang, which happens in these forums quite frequently.

Really makes me wonder what happened to just making a statement and ending with ‘We agree to disagree’ and then just leave it at that…

Yeah, other than being much more active with a lot more posters, I think we have different memories of how the old forums were.

Heh, and here’s the ‘Thorn’ of these forums…

Always jumping into the forefront of antagonistic posting whenever he get’s a whiff of an opportunity to do so…

By the way, you can take your SJW reference and stick it back where it came from…

Actually to be quite honest, I do care but I don’t particularly like these forums very much anymore. Most of the time it’s the same dozen posters on here 24/7, constantly gangbanging on anybody who expresses an opinion that they don’t share.

As for your reference to the vast majority of people here, I have much better things to do than to waste my time with you and your cohorts…

I find it interesting that you left this little, yet crucial, detail out of your initial thesis.

Which tells me that your making this up in an effort to garner sympathy for your case.

Looks like someone got triggered by the truth.

You didn’t read his thesis, did you?

He made a false equivalency. I started with, “I think you’re over thinking this. Guy probably got board and left the game.”

He said, “you’re naive if you think that.”

Why didn’t you come to my rescue?

He didn’t share my opinion, and he was quite dismissive about it.

Works both ways buddy. Unless you’re an SJW. In that case, you cherry pick who’s opinion is the one that is worth your attention.

Oh, and a side note. I noticed that SJWs tend to talk about how much more morally superior they are than the rest of the other posters.

Interesting phenomenon, don’t you think?

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SirMolle is that you

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