Yo yo yo this dude for sale part 2

This dude for sale. Excellent PVP skills. had some SP drained for a “side project”.

90,281,953 SP
Good for PVP and PVE (primarily PVP)
Check out the EVE board: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Gerald_Mardiska

character will go to highest bidder hopefully by friday. EVE mail this character or respond to this post with offer. Serious offers only please.
character is in jita and is in a npc corps.

please refer to: Yo yo yo whattup! for past bids.
Highest bidder wins on friday.

damaged link repaired…take a look.


Deal agreed in game.

ISK and account name sent via in game mail.

indeed. isk recieved and transfer initiated.

Character transfer confirmation email received. Thank you and fly safe.

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