You are now a Pearl Abyss employee

Run a calculation on the value of Tritanium (or any Ore) when reprocessing any compressed version.

The value of the reprocessed Tritanium is 31 isk plus.

This means that nothing that you build when using compressed Ore can be profitable, nothing.

No business venture in Eve at this time can be profitable.

This means that you are playing the game to waste ISK and ensure that more people buy Plex with IRL money.

Eve is now a method of Pearl Abyss gaining Employees that pay to work.


%yield 0.843 Veld
Compressed Sell Buy Trit Sell P/u Buy P/u 0.843 Scordite
Concentrated 1450 1326 42 34.52380952 31.57142857 0.877 Hemorphite
Dense 1787 1678 44 40.61363636 38.13636364
Stable 6200 4350 46 134.7826087 94.56521739
Veld 1644 1439 40 41.1 35.975

Being new to manufacturing but having watched guides, wikis, business twitch streams, being decent at maths&logic and having joined a small industry corp in high sec I have already found some items that will make me a profit. Not much, just 12-15% or so but it’s profit nonetheless.

It however means NOT trying to compete with jita and the players there.


Come to think.

A method of getting rid of Pearl Abyss is to short their stock and then mass log off for 3-6 months.

This would make you IRL money and break their profit margins on quarterly reports.

Not if you compare you mining (Assuming you mine) to the value of you IRL job per hour.

Being a new player, I am advising you to simply not play.

Edit: I have to assume you are simply wrong since you have not put any math or logic into your statement. Cows are green, is as much as you have said,.

So would you rather CCP go back to investors who could care less about the game and just the numbers at the bottom of a piece of paper, or have an investor who is at least a gaming company as well? (not saying PA is the best offer)

The purpose of running industry, at a large scale, (not just build your own ship for fun, which is fine) is to make a profit, be efficient, know that your data, sources and market are optimised etc.

Otherwise your business is ■■■■ and you don’t even know it.

I would go back to idiots over a “Gaming company” that has broken every game it has ever bought.

I make isk just fine to a point where I can afford 2-3 large skill injectors per week.

I don’t mine for my minerals, I DO mine but only to participate in the group activity but it’s peanuts and not worth my time nor do I enjoy it on its own.

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Cows are still green… You are not saying anything.

Are you basically saying, because he’s making isk, and is enjoying the game, he’s wasting his time? What are YOU trying to say overall.


Maybe I should explain “Cows are green”: Its an opinion without data or logic to back it up.

I make isk that is not the issue.

“Fun” in large scale industry is efficiency and profit. If you have not built your own calculators on to work out the exact price of your inputs and resulting outputs, you do not know if you are making a profit.

I have made these calculators.

So what I am saying is that his unsubstantiated Opinion is irrelevant to this thread.

This is the newbie forum.


As mentioned above, why does this matter to new players? Do you have any particular questions?


Its a PSA. Informing noobs on what they are getting into.


I’m not seeing a new player question here.


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