You are ripped off when you buy a "Inherent Implants 'Noble' Hull Upgrades HG-1008" or better known as Akemon's

To get a “Inherent Implants ‘Noble’ Hull Upgrades HG-1008” you need to finish Cosmos Missions via the Amarr chain or FW as you need a raw +7 Standing before skills to be able to accept the Mission from Akemon Tolan. Check out the price history of the Imp and wonder.

So why you are ripped off because there is a bug that let the Cosmos structures only spawn 2x times per day and only refresh after downtime. To finish the Akemon Tolan Mission you need a Myrkai’s Data Chip + some other ■■■■ which is easy to get. But that chip drops only 2x times per day and guess what the System/Complex in Otomainen is heavily camped and players not in the right timezone won’t have a chance to get the chip at all.

I play this game long enough and dabbled long enough in Cosmos ■■■■ that i know for sure it wasn’t always this way only 2x times per day at least before 2015.

A bug report is already sent to CCP EBR-160934 and read this

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So how are we ripped off?


Have a :lollipop:


Because there is a group of players which are “exploiting” the fact that it spawns only 2x times per day. They are farming it every day and prevent other players not in right timezone to get the chip at all. Even the player in the right timezone won’t have a chance that group perfected the way to get the chip, to long to explain what and how they do it.
Because of this fact they have a Monopoly and pushed the price up.
Just check the price history of the Imp and you know why. As the Myrkai’s Data Chip is on contracts you have to trust me that it wasn’t always 2.5b rather 100m.

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How is it a ripoff?


If you don’t understand, not my problem.

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Eve needs more of this "x spawns per day lots of isk " in low sec.


The market is player controlled, if you don’t like the price don’t pay it.


Yes, the market is player controlled. Congrats but that isn’t what i’m talking about. You may read my op again with a higher level of reading comprehension.

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I read it just fine, you’re pissed that someone has figured out how to gain a monopoly on an implant and is controlling the supply, and thus the price.

This isn’t against the rules, nor is it a rare occurrence.

Welcome to a hypercapitalistic universe where pretty much anything goes in the pursuit of profit.



If you want something to be done advertise the spawn times and what kind of ships these people bring. There are a lot of people just praying for content that you could potentially deliver. Organize something and stomp them. Most vets won’t even ask for compensation because we just like making people explode.

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@Jonah Gravenstein
I wouldn’t say anything if the spawn rate wouldn’t be like every 1h or 2h as it was originally, 3 years ago. With that kind of spawn rate getting a Monopoly cudos to any group who pull that of. But with a 2x times spawn rate after downtime lots of player won’t have any chance to get a piece of the pie.

@Sepheir Sepheron
It is a highsec system, so the options for warfare are limited. If you want to know how they pull it of just go there and watch how they do it. I won’t explain it here.

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I’m not gonna do any investigating because it doesn’t affect me. If you want them dead post public details.

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Using " tells me that you do not mean to use the word you are putting into quotes, aka there is no exploit, yet you treat it as such. That’s wrong. Don’t do that. The world isn’t to blame. The problem is you not doing anything against them. Posting on the forums doesn’t count. We’re not your personal army, you’re a nobody! Feeling help- and powerless often makes people whine so someone else stupidly feels pitty and does something about it.

Do it yourself !

  • Hire mercs
  • suicide gank
  • Wardec them yourself
  • stop whining
  • bump them

A literal hand full of options.


:D, yeah i know all the options. See the op as fyi not as anything else.

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If CCP doesnt understand, it is your problem.

So train a bunch of alts and make a tornado fleet. When they warp in, gank them. Keep ganking them. Then have the monopoly all to yourself.

Problem solved.

Heh, obviously all the chest beaters here have no clue what’s really happening. What’s happening here is exactly the same thing that happened to the Concord Agents, people figured out how to exploit it and after a while CCP just removed those agents instead of fixing the initial problem.


It isn’t even that, even if it isn’t one person but several, this is the kind of result we’d expect from something that is so limited. In fact, in checking contracts there are 5 contracts with 3 players issuing them. Yes the price is quite high, but almost surely because of the supply constraint.

Oh trust me, I understand. I’m fairly sure I’ve been looking at economics longer than you have been alive…or at least longer than you’ve had pubic hair.

Maybe CCP is thinking that such a spawn rate is fine in terms of game balance. You are talking about an implant that has a +8% bonus. It costs just under 5.1 billion ISK in Jita…seems fine to me.

Spawn rate might be fine. But limiting the chances to particular timezones is very poor design. If it was rng between 2 and 24h to respawning…
But this is stuff ccp hasnt touched in 10 years for the most part.