You are ripped off when you buy a "Inherent Implants 'Noble' Hull Upgrades HG-1008" or better known as Akemon's

What?!?!!?! Everyone says RNG is Bad™.

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DeMichael Crimson had triggered an idea. All +6% Imps are form the Concord LP Shop, so one option would be to move the “Inherent Implants ‘Noble’ Hull Upgrades HG-1008” and maybe even the other +8%/special ones (like Pansha etc.) there too.
I don’t like it that much as it would kill a niche PvE content but that might be the easiest and fastest solution if CCP can’t fix/balance the spawn rate.
Via LP CCP would be able to adjust the target price very easy.


Have you thought about how beneficial hull implants are vs. shield or armor implants?

“Inherent Implants ‘Noble’ Hull Upgrades HG-1008”
is an +8% Armor mostly used on Armor Titans

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No it is a bonus to hull HP not armor.

And here we are again. This cannot be the only answer.

Or just wait until PA make them droppable in loot boxes like they will do for sure…

This game will be massively changed to be more “mrket compatible”…to please the children who are used to using daddays credit card to make progress in a game…

You don’t believe ne?

Well,time will tell…

Farming is not an expoloit. Go away.

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Dude, you are so wrong.

Correct. Get friends, is also an answer.


no…but for 15 years farming had nothing to do with eve…

99.5% of all players would have been ashamed to admit that they even thought about farming if asked about in the past…

But today it’s “normal”?

I don’t like this…not at all…

Bollocks. Everybody needed to farm before PLEX. Pretending it isn’t there doesn’t mean it isn’t. If anything you don’t have to think about farming now because you can buy PLEX to solve all your financial game issuies.

Eve was never a farming game…never…

And whoever told you that was lying…

I am saying it dude!

So the only way for you to pay plex is paying with real money?

Farming is dead?

Well…that’s a way to disqualify yourself…

Let’s end this here before you talk yourself deeper in the “I’m right regardless if i’m truly right or not” dead end…

Learn to read. Bye.

one remark left…

What i was talking about was the way the community looked at farming…it was like the unwanted child of eve…just like mining…nobody did it…officially…

Go kill them and take over the plex for you and your friends or go do abyss sites no one will contest you for loot inside your sites there

How do you kill someone who logs on 6 hours before you and is finished in 10 minutes.

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Not sure why it only spawns 2 times/day. I’d say 99.999% chance of retarded programming choice, 0.001% someone using a cloaky alt to prevent respawns.

Doesn’t seem likely that cloakycamping would prevent this structure from respawning, but I have seen that strategy mentioned in relation to incursion sites. Petition your heart out and no doubt CCP will investigate soon™.