“You must be desperate.” [Blood Raider One-Shot]

Greater Work demands those willing to make sacrifices… In my pursuit of the Great Truth, I’ve sacrificed my home, family, friends, status… That was merely the start of my journey, the ‘down payment’ you could call it. The cost to taste true power for the first time in my life… Let me tell you, it’s intoxicating. Once you get a sip, greed consumes you and you crave for more… Only to then learn further sacrifice is required… I’ve come this far already. What am I not willing to give away?”

  • Lord Atox

“You must be desperate.”

June 2nd YC 126

I3Q-II - Deadspace Estate, Court of Baroness Lanua.

“Lord Atox… To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Baroness… You humble me with granting me an audience. You’ve blessed me with a uh… ‘Promising’ opportunity I will not squander-”

“-Then I’d cut the flattery and get on with it… My patience is measured only by my amusement in whatever you have to say to me… So don’t bore me.”

“… Baroness Lanua, I come with a proposition that would amplify our powerbase significantly.”

“… ‘Our’ powerbase?”

“Baroness, I said I came with a proposition… Not charity.”

“… Don’t test me, Atox… Get on with it.”

< Throat clear >… I need not ask for confirmation in whether or not you’re in the loop. The degenerate Guristas and Angel Cartel have formed a new pact with these ‘deathless’ creatures… They wield unique warclone technology and brazeningly use it without repercussions.”


“The weakness of the empires is starting to show themselves… An entity like that deploying warclones on worlds and running amok on the surface causing death and mayhem? Why… Imagine if we had such firepower. If we could exploit these same openings and reap the rewards?”

“… Oh I see where this is going now.”

“Your intellect is only matched by your entrancing beauty Baron-”



“…Allow me to finish this ‘proposition’ for you… You’re - Somehow - aware of the stockpile of warclone blanks I’ve accumulated over the years. You want access to them so you could muster up some misfit gaggle of neigh-Immortal paupers in a desperate attempt to lift yourself up from your pathetic status… Is that right, Lord Atox?”

“I wish to collaborate on a joint venture to establish an elite outfit of anointed warriors! Capable of surgically driving a knife into the heart of any world, striking fear into the cowards that sleep peacefully on them and in turn? Empowering us, and presenting a wealth of opportunities.”

“So I’d supply you with blanks that I need for their blood and you … Give what exactly?”

“I give you my personal retinue. A hundred strong of my finest raiders, officers and specialists. All willing to be the informorphs needed for the clones… Their original body will be terminated, and their informorphs will be yours to own and send into battle, again and again… I offer myself as a commanding officer, under your rule.”

“… Curious.”

“Your process in trade has made you a remarkable entrepreneur… But my personnel know battle. I have significant documentation on hand of their careers, every raid they’ve had a hand in and the pints of blood they’ve contributed to my house.”

“I’m sure you have many things written down… What’s that matter to me? Fluff for all I care… Your retinue is an amusing tribute, but I will have to evaluate them myself before I consider them to be worthy of my namesake.”

“Of course Baroness…”

“… Go on then. What else do you have to offer?”


“Oh! A question Atox… You’d sacrifice your retinue, copy their minds, kill their bodies and give me authority over their very souls… What about you? What was the plan with you being my subordinate… Surely you weren’t thinking of dodging the same fate as them, were you?”


“…Oh Atox. How naive… I do not let everyone into my court over a flattering tribute. I demand fidelity out of my subjects… Your retinue will be mine, but so will you Atox… You will sacrifice yourself with them so I know you’re committed…”

“I-I need reassure before I agree to such terms…”

“Yes-Yes, your house will receive a copy of your informorph… That is all I will offer.”

“… I accept these terms.”

“You must be desperate.”

“I’m willing to make sacrifices for this vision, Baroness.”

“Then present more! You think your worthless hide this is still enough for me to agree to such a thing? Continue!”

“My love.”

“… W-What?”

“I offer my unyielding love for you, Baroness. As I will submit my soul to you, I will in turn, relinquish my heart.”


“I surrender myself as a loyal partner, and if requested? A supplier of a seed.”

“NoNoNo Stop! Stop…!”




“… < Snickering > "


< Launua bursting into laughter >


“Oh! Atox! Just… < Chuckle > What are you running from?! What has made you this shameless? Truly…”

“… I admit my station in the Covenant is lacking. I admit it brings me a great deal of dissatisfaction… I’m willing to make necessary sacrifices on something that could be a great boon for myself.”

“You just need me…”


“Go on… Say it. Say that you need me Atox…”

“… I need you, Baroness…”

“That you do… Well! I’ll say you made me laugh! Which was the last thing I was expecting today… So you know what? I’m gonna give you another chance to make me an actual tribute.”

“I-I see…”

“Make it good…”

“… Your niece. Dareya”

“What doe she have anything to do with this?”

“I have a boy in my care… Not of my blood. Liberated from a passenger vessel harboring an old friend of mine back In Kador’s realm… I learned he was the father of this child. He’s bright, handsome, and uh… impressionable… I’ve successfully molded him into someone that can meet the expectations of the Covenant when he comes of age. Your niece would not have to waste time on suitors when I have ready a strapping young man untied to anyone in the Covenant.”

“…That right?”


“Not of your blood, huh?… Alright that’s… That’s not a bad tribute at all Atox…”

“I’m glad you-”

“-Of course I’d have to meet the boy myself. I can’t really take you for your word… If he’s everything you say he is then maybe he can at least be a suitable chew toy for Dareya.”

“He’s with us now! On the ship I came aboard on… Now, would this be suitable enough tribute for us to go forward with this?”





“… Fine.”

“… You humble me Baroness.”

“I do no such things Atox… If anything? You’ve humbled yourself today by submitting before me… I’d call it pathetic, but maybe you’ve finally found some wisdom…”

“I only heed the Blood Cardinal’s meditations… I am not here to offer you aid with just a smile and kind words. I offer you everything…I will bathe myself in the blood of the cowards on your authority. I will make your name synonymous with power and fear so that you may grant me succor in my struggles.”

“… Take me to the boy. Once he’s evaluated, we can go from there.”

“I will take you to him immediately Baroness…”

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