You should be able to click and drag skins from the preview screen

The screen where you’re able to try on skins should be able to have it so you can click and drag the skins from that screen onto a chat to show to other players but you’re not able to, would anyone else be interested in supporting this small quality of life change? I imagine it wouldn’t be difficult to implement.

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Yes, I agree. Only today, I referenced a skin…but because I was not in the character that had the ship that had that skin I could not highlight it.

It seems like it would be a simple thing to implement, I’m actually surprised it’s not already a thing considering how frequently clicking and dragging is being used in pretty much all interfaces.

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Well, the entire setup with skins is a sore point…ludicrous prices, and lack of availability. Skins are listed that are not actually available anywhere in Eve when you look on Eve Marketeer. Indeed, I have sat there at a trade hub and gone through the skins for a ship and not one of them was actually available ! I mean what is the point of that ?

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