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Call me Mr Thick, call me an olde Dinosaur…
would it be possible for someone to post a “How to set-up eve-o”
I’ve looked, not seen anything.
A blow by blow, preaching to a retard. (Don’t be offended, I mean me… Snowflake)
Muchos thanks.


i tried to do this for a help channel, and never got any feed back as to what they would want explanations of. instead they continue to ask the same questions everyday that even the tutorial teach you set by step to do.

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So, where is the question?

EVE is so complex that you will end with hours of explaining and it will still be tip of iceberg. Say what you actually want, then someone will help.

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Are you needing to setup Eve Online on your computer, game clients?

Are you trying to Setup the in game Overview?

Are you trying to capture a video to upload your entry for the current contest?


Does anything here help?
Could you tell us a little more on what you want the tutorial to explain?

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