Yumping Amok - Null Sec Corporation Recruiting

(Herr Von Claussen) #1

Yumping Amok is based in the Fountain Region of Null-Sec.

A primarily PVE/Industrial focused Corp. With that said, PVP is done, but it is just not rammed down your throat.

Lets make it clear that this is only a game and as such RL comes first. We’re not looking for F1 bashers and theres no requirement for you to be on at specific times. All we ask is for a little bit of team spirit.

We seek, miners, ratters and manufacturers as well as the pew pewers!

We’re pretty much active across the clock with members online from EU US and AUS time zone.

We Offer:

♕ Great -0.4 Space in which to Mine/Rat/Manufacture (including capitals)
Astrahus, Azbel and Fortizar).
♕ Buyback Program for Ore/Minerals/Ice/PI/Salvage.
♕ Supply Transport from Amarr to our Home, and the other way.
♕ TS3 Comms.
♕ Great PI Opportunities
♕ Havens, Sanctums, Asteroid clusters (38+ combat sites and multiple ore sites in system as well as an Ice system nearby for all your Jump Fuel).
♕ US, AUS and EU member base of relaxed laid back social gamers.
♕ No skill doctrine demands.
♕ Cheap T1 ships for you to go get blown up in a horribly one sided fight :wink: at no cost to you.

What We Want From You:

❉Omega or Alpha ? Doesn’t matter so long as your active
❉5 Mil SP (can be negotiated)
❉MUST use TS
❉Full, All Character, No Expiry API Key & Verification Code
❉Sense of Humor
❉Zero Drama

join us in our public channel

Yumping in Public

Contact Herr Von Claussen, Rosy Torn, or Kodi Bekker for more info.

(Herr Von Claussen) #2

If you are still looking for a friendly home and a good group of pilots, come check us out :slight_smile:

(Herr Von Claussen) #3

Make Yumping Great Again!