Z0ra's Image Dump. =^_^=

Some cool stuff in eve for sure…

2019. coloured 2016. minng nagy nm oldmissiles oldtorpedos 2019. shinyrokh slidewarp topp vargiesun


This isn’t your image dump. Make your own thread.

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When I post just a link, it’ll get locked for lack of content as by the forum rules. Besides, I see no reason to force a user to do an unnecessary click, when the forum itself allows showing images.

Furthermore is it called “My EVE” for a reason. How would you feel if I started posting stories about my in-game doings in another man’s thread about his in-game doings? By your logic, that would be perfectly fine. By the rules it might be as well. Would it be okay, though? No.

@ISD_Buldath Excuse me, but this is not right. I did not make this thread for others to post their crap in. They can create their own threads, where they can drop their own images into. I have now renamed it, to make clear that it is not meant as a public image dump for everyone to post their crap in.

Otherwise, by their logic, I can and will simply go and vandalize each and every other thread in the same way as is done with mine, because the forum rules apparently allow me to do so! You don’t want that. I don’t want that. Yet it seems to be encouraged. This is not right!


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Hi There,

Regarding your request that is not how the EVE Online forums work. It is a platform for many to contribute thoughts to a topic as long as it contributes to the nature of said topic. Specific exceptions do exist like the recruitment, sales and character Bazaar forums.

Please feel free to flag off topic posts so that they can be dealt with.

Thank you,



I did flag as spam. Nothing happened. :slight_smile:

You seem to have taken my replying to your topic, because I liked it, as some kind of personal insult.

Sorry; not sorry.


Gotta say, you telling me to flag posts and then not acting on those I’ve already flagged … that is quite something. I’ve even waited for something to actually happen, but nope. Just in case you were unaware: I can not re-flag posts. It’s not possible.

Furthermore do I question your ability to actually apply reason and common sense. When everyone is free to ignore common courtesy (“instead of disrupting OP’s thread with my own worthless ■■■■, I can make a new thread posting my worthless ■■■■ there”), then there is no point in having threads where one talks about his stuff. Then everyone can talk about his own stuff in every thread even remotely related to it.

Sadly the topic of my thread attracts low quality. I could have named it “z0ra’s image dump” from the beginning, but didn’t think of it. I thought people just were smart enough to understand that it’s not meant for everyone to post their shitty images.

I request closure of my thread.

You suck.

Topic closed at ops request.