Zansha Expansion [BRAVE] - 0.0 Industry - Newbro friendly

Want to try something new? Want to be part of something bigger? Ready to take the jump into nullsec with all the support you need? Zansha Expansion could be just the thing you need!

As a corporation we are made up of primarily industrialists/marketeers who not only build and supply markets for our allies, but also enjoy participating in PvP, with a focus on support roles such as logistics, EWAR and recons.

Our recruitment is targeted at US and EU timezones, aligning with our alliance’s strongest timezones. If you are interested but live in a different timezone, we’d still love to have you as we grow our community.

We are looking for pilots with an interest in industry, it doesn’t matter if you are a new or old player, all we ask is you have the will or willingness to learn. If you are intrigued by PvP activities of any scale, that is a plus, but by no means a requirement. If you have no PvP experience, we have programs and people who are willing to show you the ropes. As we live in Catch you can expect fleets of all sizes to pass through, meaning you’ll always have something to sell and someone to fight; best of both worlds.

If you are a corporation of like-minded pilots, we are happy to discuss you joining us as a group. Make that step into nullsec with the people you know and make some new friends along the way.

We have safe space for mining, and multiple industrial hubs, each with a market which carry their own requirements. As a corporation we also have a wealth of knowledge spanning decades, regarding all types of production, from T1 and T2 to capital and supercapital production. Not to mention experience with trading, importing and PvP knowledge.

If you have any questions regarding Zansha, please feel free to message below, mail me in-game or by joining our Discord server:

Still looking for pilots to join or ranks! New or old, we welcome anyone.

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