Zero Meters Equals One Thousand Five Hundred Meters

So I have to ask. Everytime I warp to anything I use the “Warp to 0m” option but the game always puts me at least 1,500m from the target object, that’s 1.5km away. I’m a walker, I love to walk everywhere but I can guarantee you that 1.5km is way way farther than 0m.
Is it because of the objects’ collision box or is it a bug?
And if it’s because of the collision box then why is it that once I arrive at a station my ship has to slowboat to near enough for the docking mechanic to engage? And it’s never a set distance. Sometimes it can dock me at 500m and sometimes it won’t dock me until I’m at 0m. It’s very inconsistent.
I’m only trying to make heads-or-tails of everything but if there are so much inconsistencies within the same mechanics then everything is up in the air?
Is there a trick I can use to consistently end up at the right distance from objects in order for mechanic to do what it’s supposed to do?
Thank you for your replies.

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As somebody that says they love google…

Google is your friend.

Have a look at the Geometry of EVE and then focus on the the warp exit mechaing. In a nutshell, while all structure/ships have models they also have collision layer and then a 2,5KM bubble around them for warp exit. It is why people create safe dock spot to warp to at popular stations station to avoid getting tanked allowing them to insta dock.

And why I always land about 1,5km away from a ship I land ontop off as I exit warp.


Thank you for replying.

I never said I “love” Google. I wrote:

I will do that. Except I don’t know what these mean in EVE:
-safe dock spot
-getting tanked
-insta dock
Those will be some of the things I will Google.

Thank you for the web link and the explanation.

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Yeah it comes with experience and going through the early stages of EVE.

The most important thing though. Is joining others, it is the best way to get a footing in EVE. once you are comfortable you can then decide if you want to walk your own path or grow further in your corp, or run your own corp or, or, or…

From my perspective EVE has never been easier to get into than it is today. My girlfriend got the hang of it doing the tutorials without an issue. When I started it was literary… Hi, here is your noob ship… go *uck yourself.


Whatever point you decide to warp to, you will randomly be placed in a sphere with a 2.5km radius. “When you warp to 0”, your destination point is on the 0, and so you can land up to 2.5km away (or inside of) the docking radius centered on that 0 point.

An ‘instadock’ is a bookmark that is 2.5 km inside the docking radius so that when you arrive, even if you land the maximum distance away from the station and target point, you are still inside the docking radius and can dock instantly.

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That’s good news. It’s already complicated as it is and what makes matters worse is that there isn’t much info in the game. I can’t imagine what it must have been like in the early days.

Does she like the game? I have done a few career agent missions so far. I started with Exploration because it seemed like it was the easiest. I love the probe scanning thing and being in space learning to pilot my ship. I found out I can double-click somewhere and the ship will navigate there.
And the UI helps a lot. It indicates what to click on to follow the agent’s instructions. That’s thoughtful of the devs.

LOL, that must have been fun for new players.

I will join a corporation, it’s the most sensible thing to do, but other MMOs have taught me to choose wisely as to the “guild” or “corporation” I would join. Some players can be unpleasant when things don’t go their way and some of them can export their frustration off game.

I would love to run my own corporation but it’s definitely premature to think about it now.

I appreciate the info you provided.
Thank you.

That’s something I need. I will inquire about how to set bookmarks.
Thank you so much, Qia.

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You’re welcome. Setting instadocks can be a bit tricky since the distance has to be at least 2.5km and the game won’t show you that without some fiddling. You can use the tactical overlay, or you can drop a jetcan on the 0 and use that to gauge your distance inside the docking radius. Once you’re where you want to be, the default keybind for bookmarking is Ctrl-B.


Yes, but it’s somewhat SP intensive. If you warp yourself alone in an arrow fleet formation onto a target, jitter is not applied and you land at the exact position. This does work flawlessly to always land in docking range for stations, but can have negative site effects, aka bumping, on other targets like acceleration gates.

Thats been on purpose. Since the games beginning, ye devs of old, had the vision of making a game where not every bit of information is handed to the players. This is why you’ll always see someone say “google it”. Most older players when they learned something, even if not fully confirmed by CCP, will post it and share it with the world.

Others, which i think is a small number, refuse to give out the info they learned.

This is why there is/was an abundant number of 3rd party apps/sites for info thats not in game. CCP embraces those who make/made add-ons that made life simple because they didnt want an overload of information loaded on EVE.


Thanks for your reply.

I have no idea what you mean by that. I can create a fleet all by my lonesome? How can there be a “formation” if I fly alone?

I assume that “jitter” is some program used by the warp mechanic? ( I feel so stupid right now )

I don’t mind bumping into anything since it can’t damge the ship.

You mean Skill Points? How is it intensive?
( I feel so dumb now. You’re probably having a good laugh, lol )

You can create a fleet even by yourself because someone has to be in a fleet to invite others. So, i think you can still tell the game to warp you in certain fleet formations.

As far as SP intensive, im gonna assume the core mechanical skills need to be at 4 or 5.

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@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras Thank you, that makes sense.

As to your earlier post, @Gerard_Amatin mentioned yesterday about how CCP didn’t want to put much info in the game. I can somewhat understand that, seeing how massive EVE Online is, it would take a lot of work and time to gather everything and make it into a useful wiki.

The ‘Arrow’ fleet formation requires you to train the Fleet Formations skill to level 4, which requires about 225000 skill points.

To train that skill, you need Leadership level 5 first, which requires another 256000 skill points.

All in all, you would need to spend about half a million skill points just for that one thing, which isn’t really worth it unless you often use fleet formations as fleet commander or make use of fleet command bursts to help your fleet.


They used to have a wiki they put out themselves. Then the current eve uni wiki is all information gathered in place by players either with the eve uni corp (great corp to join or brave newbies) or by other members within new eden.

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For a wiki, you could look at some of the player-made resources which are really nice: is a good place for most info about EVE.

And my own alliance (Brave) has useful guides on their wiki as well: The Brave Dojo - Guides [Brave Collective]


Thank you so much, @Gerard_Amatin, I get it now. I think I will be fine with bookmarks until I run my own corporation.

That’s two corporations to apply to.

I’ve bookmarked the site. Been reading it today.

I would like to thank you participants of this thread for all your help. I’ve learned a lot today already. I really appreciate.
Thank you.

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Speaking of fleets, once you get more comfortable, you can use fleet finder to look for public fleets that allow anyone to join to learn different aspects

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I didn’t know that. I will be sure to do that If only to learn some fleet mechanics.

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