Approaching at 0.0 mps

(ray tayek) #1

hi, newbie stuck on first part of game.

i seem to get stuck here forever when i try to approach the wreck or the research facility.

any pointers will be appreciated.


(mkint) #2

If you’re approaching at 0 m/s, it sounds like maybe you are at 0m range? Or else there is something obstructing your path.

(Donkyhotay) #3

Assuming you’re further away from the wreck then a couple Klicks try clicking on the + button to the right of your speed gauge to make certain your ship is moving at full speed towards the wreck.

(ray tayek) #4

range is 55 m

(ray tayek) #5

clicking on the speed says it’s changed, but still says 0.0 mps.

(DeMichael Crimson) #6

OK, even though it doesn’t look like it, your ship might be stuck on an object in space. Sometimes when I warp to an Acceleration Gate in a mission, my ship ends up being too close to it and after activating the gate, my ship just sits there without warping.

What I do is click the - button on the right of the speed gauge to stop the ship, then turn the camera view so it’s facing in the opposite direction and up or down from that object. Then double click in space to make the ship travel in that direction. After a little while click ‘approach’ on the object that was originally wanted so that the ship can now approach from a different vector and hopefully not get stuck again.

(mkint) #7

It’s probably late for it now, but 55m is included in 0m in EVE. Really, anything under 2500m is pretty much the same thing as 0m. Some small weapons have optimal ranges of a couple hundred, but that’s still so close it might as well be 0m, and you’ll never try to fight that close.

(ray tayek) #8

i got unstuck by restarting the game.


(DeMichael Crimson) #9

Selecting ‘Clear All Cache Files’ in ‘Reset Settings’ tab of Esc menu will help clear out little annoying bugs, especially after a game release / expansion.

(system) #10

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