Relic or Data Site Too Far Away

I almost always get a message when trying to start the relic or data site hack that I’m too far away to use my analyzers, but I’m always way closer than 5,000 m, usually just a few hundred meters. Why am getting this message?

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Make sure you’ve actually selected/highlighted the can. After you locked into it you may have clicked off it. If that makes sense… :person_shrugging:


Yeah, and make sure you’ve approached the can you have target locked.

Not sure if this is the issue you too run into, but:

Usually when I get that message while hacking (and it breaks my hacking attempt…) it means I made the mistake to orbit the can with my microwarp drive still active.

With the extra speed of the microwarp drive it’s really easy to get in range, start hacking, overshoot the can and lose the hacking attempt. The ship simply has too much speed and gets out of range on the other side.

To avoid this I try to turn off my MWD before I start hacking. If the MWD cycle is too long, I will not approach using ‘orbit’ but using ‘approach’ so I bump into the can to lose some speed first, only to ‘orbit’ afterwards.

The most common ways I’ve seen this happen is forgetting to turn off a MWD that I used to reach the can, or selected the wrong one since I preemptively targeted all of them.

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