Zkillboard and capsule kills

Why doesn’t zkill register capsule kills as Solo kills? Only the ship kills show as solo kills for me.

What defines a solo killmail? What about if a killmail has only 1 involved but isn’t considered solo?
A solo killmail is defined as a killmail that has 1 non-npc attacker. NPC attackers are not considered and a solo killmail can have multiple NPC attackers.
A killmail that has only 1 involved is not considered solo if it is an npc only killmail, or the victim was flying a Corvette, Shuttle, or Capsule.

FAQ | zKillboard

Apparently, zkillboard doesn’t tag capsule kills as solo. But honestly, no one cares about killmail tags.


Tags like that are something the maker of Zkillboard chose, not something defined by EVE.

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