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Large Abyssal Cap Battery (god roll) (1)
WTA: Gold sculpture blueprint (1)
WTS Abyssal Ballistic Control (DPS better than officer mod) (1)
WTB any and all T2 BPOs (18)
Free Nyx (Final Giveaway) ( 2 ) (22)
WTA Tengu Storm Bear SKIN (Permanent) (1)
WTA Abyssal Heatsink 1.138DMG 12.69RoF 18.7 CPU (1)
WTS vintage Bustard with extra low slots, 5x Expanded Cargoholds fitted! (7)
WTS vintage Hulk with extra high slot/mining laser (1)
WTS vintage Drake with extra high slot/launcher (1)
WTS vintage Eagle with 5 turrets and a cloak! Extra high slot! (1)
WTS vintage Armageddon with 7x turrets fitted! (1)
WTS Large Abyssal Shield Extender (3)
Close (3)
[SOLD] (3)
WTA Gila Storm Bear SKIN (Permanent) (2)
WTA Abyssal Magnetic Field Stabilizer,《1.129x/13.07%》more powerful than officer! (10)
Closed (2)
DELETE WTA Makinaw BPO 10/20 (8)
Removed - Minimums not met (3)
Closed (2)
Sold, please ignore (2)
Huge Frigate Pack (6)
Seeling x -type large abysall shield booster (2)
WTS 2 starter SP farms (4)
Please Delete (5)
Auction: Cordite Blossom Skin Set. Ends 9/15 00:00 EVE TIME (11)
CLOSED-ON jITA MARKET Wts/auc Estamel's Modified Shield Boost Amplifie and Estamel's Modified Kinetic Deflection AmplifieR (2)