0.5/WH Moonmining infos?

Well since its now offical that moon mining atleast is comming into WH/ 0.5 higsec. i was wondering if theres some info´s, possible from ccp if theres new skills to train for high/wh or if the allready relased skills for null/lowsec ore play into it.
also if theres a sort of ETA of the seeding of the moon’ s ?

CCP has said that seeding of moons will be done when the patch hits.

No extra info. on highsec/w-space mining.

According to EvE Vegas +15% ores from moon drilling will be in .5 and W space, no moon goo.

WIll jackpots work for regular ore as well? Like we get 100% tier ore? That would be cool.

My question is, will 0.5 and WH mining be available on launch with Lifeblood, or in Q1 2018 in the firmware upgrade?

Lifeblood according to devs at vegas event. (Or at least thats what they seemed to be saying.)

I just fired off a bunch of Discovery probes at moons in my C4, they all came back as: 0.

I therefore assume that Wormhole moons have yet to be seeded with minerals of any type.

You are correct.

WH’s & 0.5 sometime in the ‘Spring’…

As others have said, WH and 0.5 HS space will get moon mining in the spring some time. As far as we know now, they will NOT get tech II or “Moon ores” like null has, and instead just regular HS ore.

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