0 Fox Given is a SOV 0.0 Corp running since 2017. We are looking for players to join an active Corp that enjoys all the aspects of null sec living. We are active across E.U. to late U.S. time zones.

We are currently looking to recruit pilots interested in the following
:tornado:Small gang and Large fleet PVP
:tornado:Null-sec Mining
:tornado:Exploration Relic\Data Sites
:tornado:Occasional Wormhole Expeditions
:tornado:PVE and Ratting
:tornado::new_moon:Members From Multiple Time Zones

What we offer:


PirateSRP for Defense Ops and Strat ops.
PirateStrat Ops and Roams with local blues
PirateExperienced FC’s
BearFC Training


:new_moon:Max Rorqual Boosts\ Max Orca Boosts
:new_moon:Fully upgraded space
:new_moon:Opportunity For Exploration In Null and WH Space
:new_moon:Ratting Anomaly’s and Cosmic Sig Access
:new_moon:Corp Mineral Buyback Program
:new_moon:SRP for t1 cruiser-frig hulls
:new_moon:Jump Freighter hauling services


What we expect:

:dealwithitparrot:12 Mil SP MINIMUM
:dealwithitparrot:Full Account API Key
:dealwithitparrot:Be Willing To Help Other Members With Their Goals
:dealwithitparrot:Discord Registration
:dealwithitparrot:RL ALWAYS comes first, so you can enjoy playing

As part of the Corporation/Alliance, we have access to great mining space in Null-sec and with great boosts that run almost 24/7. If you’re a miner and want to make money, this is the way to do it. If you are a ratter, you cannot beat the ISK that Null-sec has to offer.

If you are interested in joining or would like more information, please feel free to contact me on the forums or in-game.

Regards and Fly Dangerous,

Issra Ormand
No Fox Given
Recruitment chat(In-game): No Fox Pub


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