1 account - 3 characters

I’m new and we’re wondering if the completed skill and inventory are common for all 3 characters?

No, they are all separate.

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As Wolfgang said, most things are separate from each character on one account.

They do share the account state though, so if you go Omega on it all three characters are Omega. So coupled with Multi Character Training (MCT) or just pausing training on one character and starting it on another you can get Omega skills on all of them and keep using them. Useful for example for things like Planetary Industry.

Also shared is the item redeem queue, so for example the daily log in rewards can be activated by any one character on your account, but only one.

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thank you very much, got it

They are all separate. It’s quite common to use one of them as a scout…just flying a shuttle…to peer into lowsec systems ( for example ) to see if there are gate camps.

Your PLEX wallet is shared between characters, but that it is it.

As an aside, you may ask yourself what’s the point of having three character slots when you can only use one at a time when you could just roll up a second account. Even excluding MCT you may find that it is useful to have certain dedicated pilots for situations without wanting to spend on another Omega. For example, you can role up a competent ganking and mining alt and then go back to training your main and they will always be there and Omega for when you need them.


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