1 million SP unused minmatar pilot


standing: positive with all factions
unused SP: 1 million SP
race: minmatar
balance: 5000 ISK
location: Hulm VIII - Moon 2 - Republic University waiting for a cool owner of this capsuleer.

This can only be worth the same as 2 injectors as thats what it would to make this. With the $20 transfer cost I think you’d get more money buying $20 worth of plex.

I understand that this starter character is worthless because of it being about skill points. But when the character’s name is something you fancy (I do, it’s my brand) then skill points don’t mean nothing to me.

I hope someone likes my spacehulk :nauseated_face: and is willing to consider a nice bid for him.

I could make the character MakeSomeMonster right now :slight_smile:

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