1 Percent Normal 99% Unnatural

This corporation is different to say the least. This corp only have one bigger goal for all of us.
To get there we do what we want. We dont have rules within the corp, and we dont vote for stuff. You do whatever you like, and so do everyone. If that means we destroy for eatchother…fine, Thats a deal you have to take. ( i know you have to pay for it). sometimes that happens. But its all just a game and being in a corp with us you will find that anything can happen.
(What we dont accept is the same rules CCP don`t accept).

We dont want any crybabies, cause in the end its all love for eatchother. We are a corporation that is highly unstable, that dont have any responsibility towards what the members does in this corp. If you trust someone within this corp then thats the one you can trust. All other members can be your enemy, we dont even know.

We are partly Poleplayers so its mandatory that you got a bio. Its also mandatory to have an exeptional portrait, If you dont know what we mean then check the corp members. ( We dont invite people with a normal portrait).

What did you do before joining us?

We can give you tips and idea`s, want to pvp?, gank,? suicide?, or run an empire or some illigal ■■■■?. we are here to support that. The possibilities are endless, and killing is not the only thing we do.

Making friends in eve?

We are your friends, and you got your other friends, and we got our friends, That just might not be the same. Dont push your friends onto us and we push ours on you. Still this does not mean we can like them… It just means your friends cant trust everyone in this corp.

We try not to interfer with eachother, but that can happen, and if that does we just move on. I dont mind arguments or threats within the corp, its all a game and we all just having fun. And stuff like that just shows how pill eating wonderfull freaks we are.

Whats the idea of this corp?

There is a few things we all work towards.
♪ Your agenda is important for us.

Our agenda is also important.
We are going to be a corp that everyone knows and everyone got someone they know in it, friends or what not. We also are the corp that everyone know they cant trust even with friends in it.

♪ Making this corp members the most knows players, Not by power, not by claming null, but for what we do that affects members of New Eden. This is not only CODE style, but can just as much be verbal knowledge and just the fact that people recognize us, we are eve online`s Superstars.

Making isk.

Apply now and welcome to a very different corp that in teory dont do what a corporation is suppose to do.

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