1 Percent Normal, A corp that evaluates your personal interests (RP)

1 Percent Normal

Are possibly the weirdest, dirtiest gang of chem-cooking loons in all of New Eden. Members of this organisation is illegal by nature and tolerated only by its members. Concord usually takes a day of when members of this organisation shows up.
Just a joke, but really it could be.

The beauty of Eve Online is that we can and are doing what ever we feel suits our own heart. The freedom to express yourselfe in eve, to live out your passion and be who you want. Personally i get alot of hate, but i also get alot of love, just like real life. The more famous you are, the more people like you, but also the more people dislike you. It`s nature.

So this corp is trying to collect a bunch of people who loves even in their own way, maby your mostly solo… or your old friends have stopped playing?, you would like to get back to a game like before… with people who knows you.

That is always hard, but this corp will at all cost suit everyones needs from gameplay, knowledge and friendship, also if you like to RP then we will adress you to your liking and play a part in that story.

This Corporation handels with drugs, implants, boosters, spying, infiltrations and other nasty stuff. This is no obligation for others to do, its mere just a fasade.
You decide what you want to do.

Everyone is welcome, and if you agree with this idea you will most likley enjoy this experience in eve.

Members must have an open mind, be self sufficient, and have humor,
If you have an exeptional portrait, with a background to your character that is a plus.
Part Roleplay, part whatever.

We do what we feel like, ether alone or in team, But we always support each other…always.

Newly started corp, but with a long time player.
We work with several veterans in eve, that all do their own thing. But we are a family.

Apply to us!
Or if you feel you want to be a part of our comunity join this channel: We are EVE

/Orochimaru Angel
Make yourselfe important in eve in any way possible.

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