1 Percent Normal corp, eve should be something to enjoy

Pods with Guns

:right_anger_bubble: Our Agenda
We are a corp that lives on friendship. We will assist all our friends, And have a good time. Our growth is important, mostly because the larger we are the more we can assist our people and blue`s.
I want everyone to feel that they can’t wait to log in eve, and that you never have problem knowing where to go or what to do. We making eve as simple as possible, so that you easy can do what you like to do.

♛Corp Events frequently
♛Corp Achievements
♛ Semi Roleplaying as druglords
♛Pvp roams*

:right_anger_bubble: Making this corp members having a great time in eve, Not only by power, but for what we do that affects members of New Eden. This can be just as much a verbal knowledge and just the fact that people recognize us, we are eve online`s Superstars, whatever others say.

1 Percent Normal are possibly the weirdest, dirtiest gang of chem-cooking loons in all of New Eden. Members of this organisation is illegal by nature and tolerated only by its members if even that. Concord usually takes a day of when members of this organisation shows up.

:boom:Corporation that lives all over, but the hearts is where our members are. We are a family, We enjoy eve. Play eve they way you want it, and we support you.

Real Life is important, so we always have that in mind.

We dont allow ■■■■■■■■, harrasments of any kind.
Always start the day with being nice to our members.
No skillpoints Req.
But good personality is Req.

Apply for a good gamestyle :facepunch:


Just joined.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

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Having known @Orochimaru_Angel for a good length of time, I can safely say that a good time awaits you if you join her corp :hugs:

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5 new members and still recruiting.

Still open for members

come and have fun

Still open

We welcome our new members😈. But we got room for a few more👊🏻

Still open and active

Open and active

Open again

Still open

Open for all…lol

Still recruiting

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