[* 1 RANK MERC] Mercenary Services - P I R A T

OMG, he’s calling everyone, everyone else. I think solstice project needs a forced retirement from eve? You “mercenaries” should take the same path.

Remove some questionable people from eve.

We both are not compareable.
Go find your ingame twin testicle 2 and undock instead of ■■■■ posting

Yo holeysheet, how yeah been… Guess your tryharding forums because you can’t get kills anymore on an undock…

Welcome to new Eve online high"Carebear"Sec

This only confirms my suspicions that you are infact holeysheet… Thanks for the response.

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Popcooorn :popcorn::popcorn: :cocktail:

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PIRAT offers Good Service for ISK.

Friendly Bump.


Hire PIRAT for War HQ Attack.

Citadels Protection

Citadel Attacks

High Sec Wars

Hire somalian pirates to get shot by transport ships in reality.

Where’s this parasite pirate wannabe(somalian?)->He looks funny. @saeger1737

What did i miss with holeysheet?
I always hear how weird he is.
When i left in 2014 he was a harmless guy sitting in a Legion on the amarr undock.

Typical holeysheet post


We do your dirty work.

Get your high sec content delivery right here!


P I R A T We offer the following services.

  1. War Declaration. We will war dec a target and hunt them.
  2. Protection services. We can protect your citadels and assets. Join our protection program.
  3. Citadel attack. We will take down the target citadel (s).
  4. Trade hub. We will ensure your enemy is attacked near the main trade hubs.
  5. War assists. If someone attacks you, we will assist and use diplomacy to have the war ended or assist and fight for you.

A list of diplomatic contacts:


Natural CloneKiller


Tiran Taranovich
Lord Alarik

NEW**** NEED A WAR HQ REMOVED! Ping me a convo in game.

Hire Us for the Week - Ready for the weekend!!

Hired Guns. Contact me in game

It’s funny that cyber fighter is still all over the forums to fight the big bad pirat, yet any time any of this big talk is had in game this is all he can say (to me at least)

[21:15:29] Cyber Fight’r > maybe you are better then me but you should go outside to meet real people

maybe the trash is beginning to learn its place

Things we’ve learned recently in eve…

Highsec Merc Monopoly is real.
Goons die in a fire to NPCs and it’s fun to watch…
Drifters come back for timers.

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Every time i pass Jita i collect my 200mil isk, always keep my get out of Hek free card handy.
But the highsec merc monopoly isn’t real until pirat stop being poor’s and put a hotel(fort) down on one of their HQ properties.

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You are a joke m8