10/10 Drone Tengu guide + fit


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So I’ve made this guide a while ago for my corpmates and neighbours, and today I decided to share it here too.
Since it was made for corpmates, it’s not really that high-quality (daym OBS!), with some typos, a bit stuttering (I really hate OBS now), but still good as guide.
The guide implies you’ve seen and know what are those 10/10s about (more or less), so it is kind of ‘advanced’, I was trying to reach of fastest 1-tengu 10/10 completion.
Fit for PYFA is in description of the video, you can just copy it directly to PYFA.

I made this guide for my corpmates after they told me it takes 1.5+h to complete it, which is alot of time lost for nothing.
Later I personally switched to 2 tengus, which lowered the completion from 50 to 30-35mins.

(DeMichael Crimson) #2

Thanks for sharing your Tengu 10 guide with us.

(elitatwo) #3

If you can, consider a laser-Legion for Rogue Drones. Laser turrets have the best known damage against Rogue Drones (em and thermal).

Keep in mind that HAMs don’t have the best application without a web. Heavy missiles are back to where they were in 2011 or the Drake online times, in terms of application.
If you can try it out with heavy missiles, they also offer a bigger range envelope.

(Chan'aar) #4

Incidentally, when did this happen? I must have missed a HM buff somewhere.

(elitatwo) #5

Last year. though it was a small note in the patch notes. I think it was last summer.

(Godf Boirelle) #6

Ages ago, when T3 got rebelanced and I was making a new fit for 10/10 , I faced the choice of whether it should be Heavy or HAMs. And I chose HAMs excatly because of their high-dps - to compare Heavy has ~750+dps, while my fitting got 970+dps (1+k with implants).

It is indeed comfortable that heavies have much higher range, but that’s it about it’s advantages. But practically speaking - if your HAMs always hit and never stop shooting (meaning you are always in range), like in video - higher DPS is much more preferable. Small targets? They die from 1-3 Javelin HAM rockets anyway. But those BS takes ages to kill, and they move slow, they are big and with huge signature, so again DPS is much more crucial in my opinion at those 10/10s.
Basically, highest DPS + effective movement = fastest completion.

Also, T3s are not the best choice to run 10/10s. Not best at all. For example - solo rattlesnake in proper fit can complete 10/10 (short-way) in ~40minutes without any big effort. BUT, you’ll lose your rattle to neuts alot, since there are people who’s aim is exactly to catch ratters at 10/10s, and rattle is like zero effort to catch, unlike T3s with nullifiers and cloaks refits always with them.

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