100B Bond Half Collateralized 2-4% [FINISHED]

Introduction : Hello, if you aren’t aware of who I am, I am Siegfried Cohenberg. I help gank freighters. I’m giving MD forums the chance to help fund my latest endeavor in the ganking world. As you know, code has been ganking freighters and jump freighters at an increased rate since the new year started. I have plans to expand my own operations and I’ll need some starting capital in order to get things going.

Plan – The current plan is to inject and train another set of 10 talos gankers. With these, I’ll be able to expand the scope of our freighter ganking operations. For some reason, haulers are moving 10b+ loads frequently again and catching these whales is highly profitable. If you have any doubt about our ability to make a profit with ganking, check the killboard of my colleague “Brainlet”.

Bond Details – The bonds will be split into two categories. Each will be purchasable for 1,000,000,000 isk each. The first half will be the 50 bonds at 2% interest with collateral. The second half will be the 50 bonds at 4% interest without collateral. The bonds with collateral can be paid back after the first month. The bonds without collateral can be paid back after two months due to the nature of skill training and the wait before whale spotting can begin.

Note – Some of you are well aware of who I am and how I’ve contributed to the ganking scene. If you do not agree with how I play the game and are skeptical about this thread, then please just ignore this post. This is not the investment opportunity for you.

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Wow, what a mystery.

Why not ask the residence in Jita local :] i’m sure they will gladly support you blowing them up lol.

Giving 50b uncollateralized to someone in CODE who wants to gank more? :thinking:

Haven’t you been doing this for years? I guess it can’t be that profitable.

Its CODE for scam.

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I see what you did there :slight_smile:

I’ll take the 2% with collateral. Sent you a mail in game.

Mail received and bonds sold. I’ve got you penned down to receive your money back on the 9th of next month lando, along with your interest payment.

The bonds have been repaid in full and interest has been sent to you Lando. This concludes last month’s bond offers. Look out for the next chance to invest in cohenberg related bonds.

Hi, i have a question how do you proof, that the bond are collateralized?

You don’t, for all we know he could have spent a month using his alt to make himself seem trustworthy for the next Bond loan even thou no money was ever moved :wink:

use a 3rd party to hold the collateral, that way its not the possibility of someone and their alts doing this

What stop’s the 3rd party from running away with it?

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Nothing, this is Eve. But when you have people like Chribba and Enorn who have been doing this and having moved trillions of isk, I’ll take the risk.

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Enorn has run a 1 trillion isk loan (now reduced to 500b) I feel if they can do that, why would they run away with your meesly 100b.

Chribbas name speaks for itself

Reputation is more valuable than isk

Fair enough, so honor and reputation is stopping them :]

yes ok, but did he show, that he use 3rd party ? is there a proof?

If you read this thread, they did not.

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So he invented it, that it is collateralized?

We have already said this, there is no way to know if it was real or not since its 2 people making a deal on this forum. Could be his own alts, could have been real.

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