100b Uncollateralized Bonds 4% [50b Held]

Introduction: The last bond offer was to fund the creation of new gankers to add to the code ganking team. 50b was lent to us and it aided in the creation of our new member corp, the maidens of the new order. With the help of these characters we have successfully been ganking jump freighters in and around Jita. As of writing this, we have destroyed 29 jump freighters in jita. These kills are viewable on this page on zkillboard (https://zkillboard.com/system/30000142/reset/group/902/losses/)

I am here today to offer the next round of Cohenberg/Code related bonds to help fund our efforts in Jita and to allow the chance for others to assist in enforcing the code on those who believe jita is a safe space.

Plan : The bond money will be used to purchase the ships required to gank, the security tags required for positive security status, and additional support ships used for these activities. A portion of the money may also go towards subscription upkeep cost.

As of writing this our stats in destruction and loot for the jump freighters involved are as follows.
Destroyed: 600.2 billion
Looted 174.25 Billion Visible / Additional 40b from plastic wraps
Estimated Average gank cost: 3 billion
Estimated Total Gank cost: 87 billion
Estimated Net Income: 127 billion

The ROI of hitting jump freighters is more than enough to justify continuing the activity. Please take into consideration that these stats are only from 7 days of activity in Jita.

Bonds Details : Each bond can be bought at 1,000,000,000 isk each. Interest will be paid at a rate of 4% at the end of 30 day periods. They can be paid back in full with interest after 30 days. The bond purchaser can opt to delay payback for any amount of additional months to keep receiving interest. There will be 100 available bonds to purchase.

If you wish to purchase a bond, please post in the thread and send the amount you wish to invest to “Siegfried Cohenberg” in game.
Due to the scarcity of items that we purchase necessary for these ganks, we have liquidated all assets and converted them to buy orders and ships. No collateral is available for these bonds.

Note: As stated in the last thread. If you do not agree with or support the actions by the code alliance, this is not the thread for you. Additionally, the Imperium made up a considerable amount of the jump freighters killed in the past week. The code alliance has no bias in choosing targets to enforce the code on.

Currently Held Bonds
Jem Seeker - 1
(Previous thread 100B Bond Half Collateralized 2-4% [FINISHED])

Attempt 2 at scamming?

I assure you that I have no intention of scamming anyone. It is not within our best interest to rip off those that wish to support us.

Weekly Bump

CODE are good people. Solid principles that, I firmly believe, actively making EVE better.

Are you still in need of investors?

We’re still accepting investors

Great - see you on the other side o/

I’d like to let everyone know that code would love to have investors at the moment. Our jita ganking team is back in action and ships get expensive.

Just saw the fortizar gank- shame about the loot fairy
Major Congratulations all around, you’ll be hearing from me soon
Job well done

Every gank that happens buffers ganker wallets and makes goods and the logistics involved in moving goods more expensive for yourself and the rest of the player base that appreciates good fights instead of exploiting a mechanic with no penalties (bumping.)

Industrialists, Marketeers, and Logistics know that Jita isn’t a safe place, but shooting defenseless ships lacks a sense of talent or honor. I can agree that those that are pushing the envelope and taking the piss too far by hauling exorbitant amounts thinking there are no repercussions should be checked, but those are the very small percentage of those ganked by CODE.

Donating to gankers is literally shooting yourself in your own wallet.

If you change your donations to MY wallet, I guarantee to double it.

Bumping to get kills is not an “exploit” - confirmed by CCP (on multiple occassions)

Prices for hauling will go as high as people are willing to pay - free market in action
If hauling becomes more lucrative then we have just opened a new section of the game to more people (whether they wish to spend their time on such an activity is their issue)

If people appreciate good fights and are concerned about getting the materials required then they will work to protect haulers, again opening a brand new avenue of content/isk generation

lowsec Pirates also have no honour- neither do highsec mercenaries nor null fleets that outnumber their targets or maybe they all have honour, or maybe only some do - I personally couldn’t care less
As for talent - let’s see you do it <3

donating to you (even if you did double my isk) does nothing for improving the overall quality of pilot in EVE - nor does it generate content for other players

read the op - take your carebear attitudes to another thread

Promoting a free-market while trying to quench free speech? Tiak-tisk.

You are already lost in the sauce, so my message is not for you. I’m just shining the light on the core of the OP’s begging for isk and how it affects the populace at large.

Free speech I’m all for. It doesn’t violate free speech to tell a homeless lunatic to leave the theatre and stop raving about the end of the world. He’s free to rave on the street :wink:

Your message is manipulative and misleading - normally I’d applaud such clever tactics but I happen to like CODE and their principles

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