[BOND] 10B Station / Arbitrage Trading Bond @10% Uncollateralized

Hello Market Discussion forums.

I have created this post seeking 10 billion ISK uncollateralized to further my station and arbitrage trading. I am offering 10% interest to be paid back at the end of the bond (30 days).

I have been playing Eve for a decade, and have had many different professions / activities. I have always had a hand in the markets, trading and making ISK, and using some of the proceeds for PvP or installations.

My trade machine is fine tuned and profitable. I am able to find and realize the profits from good trades every day, so much so that the only limiting factor is available ISK. I am currently pushing the limits of the Margin Trading skill to be able to maximize my returns. That being said, profitable trades are being left on the table.

My NAV is approximately 35B, and my current returns from trading are 1% to 4% per day, depending on how much time I spend at my PC. I put 100% of my returns back into my trading fund.

I will use the 10B ISK to do two things:

Acquire greater number of product currently being traded.

Acquire product that isn’t currently being traded.

I believe with my method of trading and the vast number of profitable trades I will be able to repay this bond with interest and make a substantial profit for my effort.

In the unlikely event that I am unable to turn a profit with this bond, I have enough ISK to cover the interest.

My poof of trading proficiency is the Eve Mogul site that is ran by @Jeronica

Prospective investors can check the Leaderboard and see that I rank in the top 10 for daily, weekly, and monthly profits.

I am willing and able to undergo a trading audit by a known capsuleer of the community’s choosing.

Hit By A Bus Clause: In the unlikely and unfortunate event that I am hit by a bus or otherwise unable to play Eve while I am holding investor ISK, my lovely wife will be given my login credentials and step by step instructions to transfer all ISK and assets as well as an Eve-Mail with pertinent information to a known capsuleer of the community’s choosing upon the start date of this bond.

Let this post be a record that should the HBAB clause be enacted, the capsuleer that receives and distributes the ISK and assets from my pilot(s) should:

Keep 10% of my NAV for his trouble,

Repay investors the amount they invested,

Pay the investors the full 10% interest,

Donate the remaining ISK / assets to Eve University.


Face Value: 10B ISK.
Collateral: No Collateral.
Interest: 10%/30 Days.
Duration: 30 Days.
Minimum Investment: 500M ISK
Maximum Investment: 10B ISK

I encourage you to reply with any and all questions or concerns, or even critiques and comments.

Thank you for reading.

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I’ll audit this if there is enough interest for me to do so. Good luck.

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Thanks @Sophie_Anathema for your offer.

Considering that Sophie is currently running a public offering and holding ISK, as well as her involvement in the financial side of Eve, I am inclined to allow her to conduct the audit.

If any potential investor has reservations about Sophie’s credibility or capability, please state it below.

Sophie, when would you be available to conduct the audit?

Sorry for not being very consistent with whichever character I’m using. Please give me the full APIs to your trading characters when you’d like me to have a look.

Little update on my current market infrastructure.

As of this date, my NAV is ~45B.

So far I’ve had one investor:

Investor #1: 500M.

Maturity date: October 22nd.

Interest to be paid: 50M.

This leaves 9.5B ISK left for this bond.

will fill remaining 9.5bil

Confirming received 9.5B.

Interest plus principal as discussed in game to be paid out in thirty days time.

Just clarifying that I haven’t audited this. I haven’t received any APIs yet.

Interest to Bank McBanks paid. 10% interest plus 10M bonus - 60M ISK.

Bank McBanks has decided to keep his 500M investment with me for an additional term.

Art was a pleasure to deal with in all regards and kept me in the loop. Art provided an additional service so payout figure will be adjusted to compensate and not full amount as initially listed.

Confirmed adjusted principal and interest sent. Bond is now closed.

I’ll be issuing a new bond in a few weeks.

Thank you to the two investors!

Thanks Art. I can confirm you will retain the 500M for the future bond, and I will be extending the investment as previously agreed in game.

Oh. He’s not been logging in lately, I guess he’s taking a rest until the next bond starts. I would like for an audit to be done if possible, thanks for doing it Fannie.

No further contact from him. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt, but I’m beginning to think the investment has been lost.

Hasn’t been lost homie. Been playing Real Life for a bit. I’ll be logging in this weekend =D

Was online all Sat, waiting for you in game today.

I’m requesting the 500m investment principal to be returned please.

If you are offering future investments, I will consider it at that time. I’ve seen no sign of you logging on this weekend.


Hello friend!

First things first. Our term was for 30 days. As you can see, it has only been 19 days:

Secondly, today is Sunday, which is in fact considered part of the weekend:


And in conclusion, I have sent the principal and interest plus a bonus to compensate for my absence these past nineteen (19) days. Proof:

Thanks for your trust and your investment. It means a lot.

Ok. Some context.

Whilst you were away (unannounced for 19 days) my other 1B investment also apprears to have been scammed.

Secondly, whilst yes, you are correct. Also, I have no idea where you are in the world, and it was Monday when I posted to the MD thread. I also sent numerous messages via Discord.

So, I am sorry you have been upset (I am assuming your post is sarcastic), but disappearing for an extended period, no communication, looked shady. Trust, as you say, must be earned.

I can confirm I have received your 600M, thank you.

Not upset my friend. Just having some fun and clearing the air!