100m ISK loan

This post is to serve as an agreement between anonanon88 and Kinder Scout.


Loan: 100 Million ISK
Collateral: none
Interest: 20%
Period: 28 Days
Prepayment Penalty: None
Total ISK required to satisfy loan within 28 days: 120,000,000

Posting to confirm I have reached a private loan agreement with Anon Anon88. The loan will be administered via this thread.
Confirming 100m sent

Confirming 100m recieved. First repayment of 30m will be within 7days.

I kind of forgot about this but can confirm that 100m was repaid 6 days after the loan was made. I have been in contact with the lender and he states the 20m interest will be be paid within the 28 day loan period.

I have now received another payment of 20m from Anon Anon88 so this loan is now paid up and closed.

I used to frequent this forum back in the glory days of Riethe Ricdic Bad bobby etc and hasn’t this place gone downhill ?
First they introduced this nonsense of replacing text names with avatars thus effectively anonymising the forums.
And then with a very small user base( Eve 30-40k Fortnite 250m) they introduce this ridiculous confirmation code to post here.
I won’t be posting to these utterly ridiculous forums again anytime soon :frowning:




I can type peoples names. Kinder Scout. See, i typed your name. And I dont need to enter any confirmation code thingy to post this either. What are you talking about, exactly?

You should register this transaction in the bitcoin blockchain, just to be sure.


For this, I believe he is referring to the verification code that is sent to your email in order to log in from a new device.

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