10mil SP Tengu/Assault Frig/Hecate SOLD

According to CCP, I must disclose:

  1. Wallet balance. Less than a million isk. I liquidated that and her ships to my main.

  2. Kill rights None

  3. Jump clones None

  4. Character location. Jita 4/4

I’ve had her as an alt for a while. Started her with the intent of PVP, but realized she was pretty far behind my main, so it just kinda fell behind. Then I started using her to help newbros in HS (SOE missions, event sites, etc). Now that I’m in an active PVP corp, she’s just sitting in Jita, so I figured I’d pass her to someone else.

4.5b b/o

I’ll naturally buyout for that or a bit more that is what you are asking for. Or a bit higher if that’s what you want.

I tried to convo you in-game before the first post but you weren’t around :frowning:

And we have sold young Zandra for May’s offer of 4.5 bil.

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isk and account info sent

I did the thing, and transferred the isk, and did the other thing on my account, and got a receipt from CCP, so I guess this transaction is complete. Just gotta wait out that 10 hour thing?

Yep that’s it mate. Transfer email received.

Sorry!!! I was (and still am) working off a mobile hotspot (I literally almost typed mobile depot haha), so I wasn’t in game at the time.

Thanks for your interest though.

Well alright! Thank you for that quick transaction!

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