10th Year Anniversary Of Malkalen Incident


On the 15th of this month of May, ten years ago, the FNS Wandering Saint piloted by Federation Admiral Alexander Noir rammed into the Ishukone headquarters in Malkalen and murdered countless innocent Ishukone civilians. In doing so, he also killed our revered CEO, Otro Gariushi, and simultaneously eroded any hope of progressive peace talks between the State and the Federation.

That was ten years ago.

Now, Ishukone remains a powerhouse of technology, innovation, economy, and diplomacy within the Caldari State. Despite significant and tragic losses, our corporation and our people endured. We pushed through together. Against all odds, we succeeded. Now, as we look back to remember somber moments of our past, we must also remember to celebrate our resilience.

The Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive and Arataka Research Consortium would like to extend an open invitation to anyone who supports Ishukone and its subsidiaries to join us in celebration of the lives lost in the Malkalen Incident, and their legacy which we carry on today. In the past, annual memorial events around the Malkalen Incident have been rather somber and serious. This year, we would instead like to take a different tone - one which celebrates the lives of all of those who perished that day. Though physically not with us any longer, their spirits guide our actions, and have led to Ishukone being stronger today than it ever has been before. This, we believe, is something worth celebrating.

When: YC120.05.15, 20:00 NEST
Where: Malkalen, Ishukone headquarters
What: A celebration of our past and future; flying an Ishukone-designed hull is recommended; fireworks will be provided but the launcher will not
Who: Anyone who supports or is loyal to Ishukone and its subsidiaries

Note: The event overall will be fairly informal. However, there will be a period of time during which both I-RED and ARC will make public statements. These statements are expected to be made some time around 21:00 NEST. Aside from this, feel free to enjoy the processions either in space or on board the Ishukone HQ in the “Gariushi-Yanala Lounge”.

For Ishukone! For the State!


It is the Liberal ideal of cooperative, productive work, of shared toil and reward, that has brought us to this point, and so it is with great happiness that ARC joins I-RED in marking the decade that has past since the Malkalen Incident. There’s of course much work yet to be done, but we hope to bring forth this bright future in cooperation with our many friends.

I for one can’t wait to mark the day.


I’ll be there if I can! I will bring snacks! Do you have catering already? I would gladly do it for free as a service for the event. Better yet don’t worry about it. I have everything in hand. I will be there with bells on, as they say!

For the State!

But seriously if you have preferences of flavors, let me know now and I can make that happen!


Preferences of flavours? How many flavours of protein brick are there?


Sadness, self-pity, and isolation. And seasonal flavors, too!



You are now an official member of the Board of Flavor.


Thank you! I’m known for my good taste.


A shame I’ll have to miss the event, but to my old Corporation and the Corporation of my father, I send my best wishes to Ishukone.


Unfortunately I will not be able to make the event itself in all likelihood, but I will make my yearly pilgrimage.

The Malkalen Incident marked the day I decided to strive to become a capsuleer. I may be Gallente but on that day I lost a fiancee, and in the conflagration that occurred a month later I lost a mother and a father as well. I was not alone of course, millions of others lost loved ones that days. Possibly hundreds of millions.

I look forward to seeing hopefully some of you on the 15th. Let us learn from the past.


Regretfully, I will not be able to attend the event on behalf of the Intaki Resilience Advancers. We wish I-RED well in their efforts, and applaud them for their continued work with Intaki in both Placid and Syndicate. Hopefully InterBus delivers the gifts in time!


On behalf of CC-T, I would like to extend our best wishes to I-RED and ARC. Sadly I cannot make it to the memorial myself but there will be others officers of my corporation present. May this day, and the legacy it represents carry on improving the relationships and cooperation between the Caldari and Gallente.

R. Issier,
CEO of Crielere Cloaking Technologies.


A reminder that the attack made on the Malkalen station my Admiral Noir was not condoned by the Federation, and we also lost valued personnel in the event. I hope someday there may yet be peace between the Caldari and the Gallente.


A transcript of Makoto Priano’s remarks in Malkalen:

Good evening. Let’s talk honestly about this momentous day.

Today, we mark the tenth anniversary of the Malkalen Disaster. Ishukone – and with it, the State as a whole – suffered a grievous blow.

Despite this blow, despite the loss and suffering, we persevered. We have built a future from the ashes and debris of history. Let us not forget, however, the blow that was struck. Let us not forget the blows that followed. Let us not forget the blows that preceded.

The Malkalen disaster was not merely a product of a mad nationalist capsuleer in control of military hardware. It was the product of decades of economic drift. It was the product of colliding worldviews. It was the product of sociological forces that we may only truly grasp far removed from the time itself.

Let’s speak simply and honestly.

So long as the citizens prosper, the State prospers. So long as the State prospers, the citizens prosper. That is our ideal.

We often speak of duty: duty to kin and comrade, duty to corporation, duty to the State. We often forget, however, the State’s duty to its citizens. We do so at our own peril.

In the time before the Malkalen Disaster, the State had been suffering an economic downturn. The meritocratic ideal had faded. The State had seemed to forget its duty to its citizens.

We had allowed venality to trump the competitive ethos we espouse. The downturn, the labor organization and the violence that preceded the Malkalen disaster was a blow we made against ourselves.

It was this blow that necessitated the economic conference that Gariushi-imkura hosted.

It was his dream of a peaceful, productive future that was so grievously harmed on that day.

In place of the dream of a productive peace, we had instead war. Zealotry in the form of xenophobic nationalism drove us, and the State was yoked to that. Ishukone was nearly exiled, despite being the one most directly attacked. Kaalakiota itself was nearly driven to death by the fire of hatred, a hatred which wanted the Federation destroyed more than it wanted the State exalted.

If the State is to prosper, the citizens must prosper. If the citizens are to prosper, the State must prosper.

We must face those howling demons within the State, we must root out those skulking shadows which would whisper us down a path of destruction, and we must see the ideal of duty and service take its fullest form: citizen to State, State to citizen.

It is in this ideal of service to State that Itsukame-Zainou has pushed for the consortium to engage in further legal efforts.

We believe that the engine of progress works best when well-tended, that stakeholders must be able to make informed decisions, and that secrecy does noone any favor in this matter. We must not merely believe that the State is looking after its citizenry, but we must know it. We must know that the mistakes of the past will not be repeated, and that citizens will not die for the sake of secrecy or venality.

And so it is that the State must be made to root out those skulking shadows, else disease will fester in the damp and the darkness.

The Arataka Research Consortium has submitted filings to the Caldari Business Tribunal on two matters. Pursuant to the State’s HFAA obligations, we seek full disclosure of all matters relating to the weapons research conducted by Jaron Kasaras, from his embezzlement from Kaalakiota to the nature of his work relating to the Kyonoke pathogen. We implore Kaalakiota to freely disclose the corrective measures that they have undertaken to prevent this from ever occurring again. We likewise seek full disclosure of all failures and breaches involving the Kyonoke Pit itself, where Ohmon Kasaras and the Pakera family were able to retrieve a sample of the Kyonoke pathogen.

Fourteen million State citizens died because we had not faced those demons since Heth’s fall. Twenty-two million died across the cluster. Had we not been successful in Postouvin, billions more may have been lost.

We must do better.

For the State. For the citizens of the State.


All in all, a very good speech, and admirable sentiments. I’m curious, though…

Are you blaming organized labor for an economic downturn? You know such organizations exist only to remind corporations of their obligations to their workers, right? They’re a check on exactly the sort of unilateral authoritarianism that Heth-at-his-worst represented.


No causal links are implied by that statement.

Rather, my view is that labor organization is a response to a meritocratic failure. When skill, service, and sacrifice are not duly rewarded, then a workforce tends to organize to correct those failings.

Essentially, unionization was a symptom of the disease.


I tend to see it less as a symptom and more an autoimmune response, holding management to account.


Without decent labor organization, you’re basically just handing the rotten greedy thieves the keys and alarm codes to everything you own. Meritocracy or not, greed will make itself known and the further down the shitchute you are, the worse off you’ll be.

There really is no decent argument against labor organization that isn’t rooted in “but but but then we can’t exploit them as much!”.


Exploitation leads to unionization, which means that unionization is a symptom of the problem that is exploitation. In a meritocratic society, there should be no exploitation, therefor unionization is a symptom of a failing meritocracy.


As soon as you have 3 people together, your meritocracy needs to have controls in place to prevent it from going off the rails. Unions are one of those controls. You don’t need the meritocracy to fail for Unions to do their job, but rather, the Unions doing their job is one of the immune system responses that prevents the failure of the meritocracy by reminding management of their obligations before they commit errors.

Example: labor negotiations. Management suggests something that seems eminently reasonable to them. Union rep points out thing they didn’t realize. Management goes ‘oh, crap, ok, yeah, well how about we do this instead…’

Part. Of. The System.

Nobody’s omniscient. Meritocracy doesn’t mean those in charge are perfect, or that they never miss things. It means they put in place the people and mechanisms to help them correct course before an oversight becomes a problem. Including unions.

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Thank you for your extensive review of two words out of the speech.