12.2m Mining Char - SOLD - transfer pending


Selling my mining alt…

Can fly amongst other things… Hulk, Mackinaw, Viator, Occator.

Other highlights…

Ice Harvesting V
Drones V (t2 Drones)
Gallente Frigate V

  • +4 standard implant set and remap
  • NPC Corp
  • Positive WALLET (No assets outside Jita)
  • Positive Status
  • located in Jita (Fed Navy Comet for Travel)
  • no kill rights no jump clones


6b starting
Now 8b buyout

Ends 7 days
Open to offers on forum or ingame

isk will be recieved by Hellbetty the character for sale.

ill start it off 6 .5 bil

Thanks, open to a reasonable offer if you feel there is a good closing amount

Daily pop to the top!

Bump 6.5b highest bid so far

Bump - Buyout Reduced!

8b isk ready,which char i sent?

Thanks - accepted

‘Hellbetty’… Character name on skill board link.

wait for minutes ,i create a new account

isk and account information sent,pls confirm

All recieved will begin transfer

I’m completely on mobile Chai so realised I can’t move the ISK from Char (obviously it had to be sent to her under forum rules)

Will begin transfer when home at 1900 ET and post confirmation to conclude our deal sir.

Character transferred should be done by
25/04/18 after 0346

received ccp Character Transfer Processing mail

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