12.9m SP Trig / gallente pvp pilot 0 waste


6b offer

Bump to the top

Bump bump bump it up

7b offer

Bump to the top

8b buyout set

retracted, free bump. o7.

Lol damn i was just getting on to accept. Cheers o7

well i was just about to sleep but offers there if you want it, ill be sleepin soon tho mate.

I accept send isk and acc name for transfer

isk sent account name sent, ty mate. o7

I’ll get the transfer started when I get my kids to bed, cheers!

np sleep time myself, gl mate o7, cheers.

hi, sorry i’ve decided to end up keeping my pilot, I have returned your isk. - this is a first for me… but, confirming isk has returned, o7

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