120mil SP Pure PVP Toon (Sub/Cap)

Gal/Minm/Amarr Subcap God. (Moros/Thanny & Nyx Ready)
Over 35mil SP in Gunnery (Click Boom!)

Selling Myself

Sec Status 0.0
Positive Bank Balance
No Kill Rights
Located in High Sec
All rules applied
NPC Corp
1 Jump Clone

I will pay the transfer fee.

Starting Bin: 75b

Buyout: 110b

70 b offer

Thanks for offer but a bit to low. Ty tho.



I will sell for 85bil isk right now if interested.


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75B I am willing to offer this price



If you want to close this out today I could do 77B

I will do 80b right now.

Sounds good, 80B. I’ll start getting the money organized. Will send you an email in game here in a few with the account details etc.

Funds transferred and account information provided via in-game mail. Please let me know when the transfer has been submitted. Thanks!

isk received. Starting the transfer process.

Nothing has come through yet, were there any errors on the transfer?

I also haven’t received a notification that a transfer was initiated.


Any updates?

One last attempt to try and get Mickey’s attention. Support contacted.

sorry im here. I had a IRL event take down my internet and comp. I will complete this trade. Sorry for the wait. Will contact you via in-game to confirm.


Still no transfer and no in game email. Please transfer or refund. Support case is active.

This seems like an obvious delaying tactic.

Just a friendly PSA to people using the character Bazaar. EVE support does not respond and does not assist when you get scammed. Honestly, I don’t know why more people aren’t scamming in here… the “crime” clearly pays.

Be careful out there.