123+ Million SP Versatile Character for sale


Character has 3 clones:

  1. All +5 With gunnery hard-wiring
  2. High-Grade Snake Complete with Omega + Navigation and Missile hardwiring
  3. All +5 with Science hard-wiring and a Mining Foreman mindlink

Tengu/Proteus Pilot, max gunnery skills of all sizes, max missile skills.
Awesome Drone skills
Good for FC with decent leaderships skills.

Lvl 5 Gallente Dreadnaught
Lvl 4 Gallente Carrier
Perfect Orca Boosts

120 Bill B/O.

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105 bil

107 bil


An edit done.

108 bil

Let’s deal. Catch me in-game

Why? The deal is not done yet.

Deal agreed in game.

ISK and account name sent via in game mail.

Yes account has been sold, please close thread once the buyer confirms reciept of confirmation mail

Character transfer confirmation email received. Thank you and fly safe.

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