125mill sp Gallente character 'maxi' DOB 01.01.2004

early 2004 character

462 skillbooks injected

Gallente biased character, Industrial with more than enough sp’s for pvp

Located in high sec Cistuvaert

Jump clone in high sec

Positive wallet

Armour 4.2 mill

Corp Management 8.5 thousand.

Drones 11 mill

Electronics 1.3 mill

engineering 6 mill

fleet support 11.1 mill

gunnery 9 mill

missiles 1.1 mill

navigation 5 mill

Neural enhancements 1 mill

planet management 2.5 mill

production 4.3 mill

Resource processing 8.7 mill

rigging 260 thousand

scanning 7.1 mill

science 4.5 mill

shields 3.5 mill

Social 2.4 mill

spaceship command 25 mill

structure management 780 thousand

subsystems 1 mill

targeting 1.4 mill

trade 5.6 mill.


74 bil

Thread reopened.

78b offer

Thanks for the offer. I’ll wait a few days and see what’s what with offers.

This character was born 02/01/2004. Has 125 million sp’s. Time for him to go as I don’t have time for Eve as it takes over your life. Honestly playing eve is like a job.


462 skillbooks injected!

Gallente biased character, Industrial, science, fleet support, Titan with more than enough sp’s for pvp

Located in high sec Cistuvaert

Jump clone in high sec

Positive bank account and security status.

In NPC home corporation.

5 top science and research agents lvl 4

462 skillbooks injected!

Merged you two Sale Threads into together.


76 bil final offer

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I will offer 80b

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I will sell straight away for 85 bill.

83b max i’ll pay. decide soon before i buy other char


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I accept your offer.

I’m actually very hurt selling this character. Had him so so long. A Thorax was the ship of choice back then. Battle cruisers were just a flicker in the universe He has my sons name.

I hope who ever gets him treats him badly.

isk and account info sent, please start the transfer procses

Thanks. Can you tell me how to transfer the character please?

Can’t see the character transfer option in the store page?

Sorry that should be it now mate. Let me know that you got him?

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