13.8m sp hulk miner, sniper incursion runner, orca, drone, missions

(shadowlavitz Lavitz) #1

Offers, intend to sell not a quote.
Positive wallet.

(TxivYawg1) #2


(shadowlavitz Lavitz) #3

Im sorry reget i must with drawl with sale i was just informed im not allowed to use plex to pay for transfer anymore been a while i apologize

(Anakin Olacar) #4

You can play with plex

(Anakin Olacar) #5

7 bil

(Gattanera) #6


(Red Lola) #7

8Bil here

(Anakin Olacar) #8

8.1 bil

(v3rmin) #9

I’m guessing this pilot is sold, since it’s now sitting at 5.33m sp’s. Either that, or you’ve extracted 8.5m sp’s and are still trying to sell.

(system) #10

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