130kk sp combat pilot looking for fw corp

I mainly solo roam in battleships in fw space. Looking for a fw Corp that can provide reinforcements sometimes within 5ish minutes of being agressed by a blob. I can fund myself no problem. Prefer a Corp with other roaming battleships and that aren’t afraid of fielding larger ships. English only. Enough standings to relocate to any fw space and fight any side.

What do you mean within 5ish minutes.How can one do that if you are maibe 2 regions away ?

I’d roam in your area. I’ll update.

Would you consider coming to null instead?

If the content wasn’t made up of F1 and capital isk printing…

You’d be surprised how much it’s not.

Find us in discord if you want to hear more https://discord.gg/TXPJbqv


Your question is an hard question.

Our corp and alliance are pretty active but flying solo in FW with a battleship is like painting a target on your head.

I don’t know about the Gallente/Caldari warzone, but if an Amarr Battleship shows up in large plex, you can be sure that within minutes a whole fleet of frigs will undock to tackle him and kill him. I am sure the slavers do the same on their side.

There is also the risk that your ship is big enough to raise the interest of the pirate alliances or those training in low-sec for the AT. And if capitals show up in d-scan, we don’t have a super-umbrella fleet ready to counter-drop.

At the same time, we have fleets of 20 people everyday roaming the warzone so if you fly during those fleets, you can reasonably expect a quick help since you aggroed by yourself the enemy militia.

We field battleships also when needed but most of the warzone are frigs and destroyers. People do field bigger ships for roaming solo but either 1/ they are blops to kill battleships and such preys 2/ they fly ships like the stabber or the hurricane to fight small gangs of frigs by themselves solo : they expect and want to be blobed.

The plex system don’t push people to field larger things. Since BS can only enter large.

Honestly you should drop by our public channel and talk with the vets and leadership.

On the Amarr side, some corps fly bigger ships but honestly, no propaganda here, if some of their players really look for fights with their bigger ships ( Mazdrpan comes to mind), most doing it have the “blob bigger, no risk, no fun” approach.

On the Gallente side, check with Federation Uprising, maybe they have a ping system.

Otherwise NPC null can be your thing.

Full add can be found here :

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