14m SP Jump Freighter Pilot

JF pilot with
jump drive calibration 5
jump drive operation 5
Transport ships (gallante)
PI - 5 planets


Has a set of +4s and parked in Amarr and an empty clone in Jita

I will pay transfer
Character is;
Isk positive
No kill rights
In npc corp

11bil b/o and open to offers in that area

Great character for a bump

6 b offer

Thanks for the offer but I am looking for more than that

8b bid

Thank you but I want nearer 9bil to make it work for me

He’s not quite wh at im looking for but not super far off either… would you meet me in the middle for 8.5B buyout?

Yep that sounds good, send the Isk and the account name and we can do the deal

Isk sent and details evemailed.

Transfer started, thanks for the swift transaction

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