WTS JF Ark Pilot 15mil SP

Jump Drive Calibration V
Jump Drive Operation V
Jump Fuel Conservation V
Jump Freighters V
Amarr Freighter 6 days to V


no waste SP

Start at 10b

14b B/O

I can offer 8Bil

Can offer 10Bil :slight_smile:

11b ready


okay, i wait one day

Sure, look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

Hey @Anna_Pellegrino still looking to sell? My latest offer still stands :slight_smile:

I’ll go 12.5


if no more offer higher than 13B in 24h, I will accept this offer

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new B/O is 14B, if no one offer 14B, I will accept George’s offer.


If someone outbids me please give me a few hours to come back with a counter offer, would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

14 bil, BO sorry George


Ok, i accept George’s offer, send isk and i will transfer the alt

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Thank you :slight_smile:

ISK and account name sent.

Hey that’s not how BO is supposed to work! But, that’s cool. o7 george.

ISK and info recived, alt sent. Thank you :slight_smile:

Character recieved, thank you.