15.5mil SP Titan Pilot Coffin Toon/Cyno


I have for sale this toon, its a 15.5mil SP titan coffin toon. only needs racial titan skillbook of your choice and you can be in the titan of your dreams :slight_smile:

Some highlights:
-Capital Ships V
-Navigation V
-Gallente Cruiser V

Can be either a titan holding toon or a cyno pilot in a recon to help you move your toy when its not in use. varying uses

Character located in low sec currently. No kill rights, no jump clones, positive wallet. I will pay the character transfer fee. Also, has a +4 set currently.

Bidding will start at 4bil until i reach a number im happy with :slight_smile:

Last post was flagged as spam, no idea why so i am reposting.

probably because you are still in testicles alliance and not in a NPC corp like you are supposed to be, before posting a character for sale.

7b give

8.5b isk

i removed him from corp before posting. maybe ESI didnt catch up in time, but i am abiding by character selling rules

If 8.5b not accepted,
Please leave an message, will retract my offer then. If it would have the 6b isk skillbook would be worth more, hence my 8,5b offer

9 bill b/o

10B b/o offer

11 bill b/o

12bil and it’s a deal Legatum

Thanks but I will stick with 11 bill b/o.

I accept your 11bil offer


The isk is sent along with the account details. Please let me know when you initiate the transfer.

officially SOLD. Character transfer initiated. Pleasure doing business with you

Just got the mail confirming the transfer has been initiated, Thanks.

A pleasure doing business with you too.

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